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Better Late Than Never!!!!

Better Late Than Never!!!!

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Vedanth was very happy to be back in India after 10 long years, he and his parents were settled in Australia. The only bonding that he has with India was his beloved Masi Nayana. Nayana was residing in Bengaluru, 10 years back when vendanth was in the city. he enjoyed a lot with his cousins and friends. Vedanth fell in love with the city, he liked this city more than Sydney and Melbourne. He finished his education and wanted to spend some time with his aunt, so he flew down from Australia to namma Bengaluru. Nayana and her husband Ashok welcomed vedanth and gave him a warm hug. They picked up the luggage and moved towards the car waiting for them at the airport.

As soon as they reached their apartment in Jayanagar, Vedanth wanted to take a bath and freshen up, so he picked and towel and was rushing towards the bathroom. Meanwhile, Ashok tapped the door and said: "Vedanth, since we have a shortage of water, using shower and bathing in a bucket of water is not allowed, you can take a sponge bath and freshen up." Vedanth was irritated, he wanted to take a shower but did not argue with Ashok. Vendath was not at all comfortable taking sponge bath.

Dinner was set and everyone were waiting for vedanth at the table. They had their food and in the end, Vedanth asked Nayana for a glass of buttermilk. Nayana and Ashok exchanged glances. Nayana said "So sorry vedanth, there is very less drinking water at home, we could not arrange for water on time. tomorrow I will ensure you get your buttermilk. Vedanth was upset and angry "What's the wrong aunty, you did not like me coming here?? You are behaving as if I asked for luxury stuff, which you cannot afford?? Ashok uncle tells me don't take a shower, there is no water at home. Please if you feel I am a burden to you, let me know I will move to my friend's place.

Nayana and Ashok were very embarrassed to hear this. Nayana said " No vedanth, we did not mean to hurt you. you don't know the situation here. We are running short of water for almost 8 months. our life has become hell. no water to drink, no water to bath, sometimes no water to flush toilet as well. The entire city is facing water shortage. Every morning, we are supposed to fill 4 buckets of water and maintain all our household work in those 4 buckets only.No extra water is available even if you are ready to pay money. People stand is "QUE" for hours to get those 4 buckets of water. No washing dishes, no to laundry, no pets and no watering plants is allowed are the new rules in the city. If we dare to waste even a glass of water, we will be jailed for 6 years.

Vedanth stood there with his mouth wide open, he could believe his ears. Water shortage in the entire city and most of the people are facing this issue.

Ashok continued "Vedanth, initially when they were reporting about water shortage we ignored it. When NGO's and some people fought for lake rejuvenation and water source protection, we thought that is not our problem. Many lakes encroached and builders closed them and built apartments, IT PARKS, shopping malls and we believed the city is developing. Many farmers protested for water and we pittied them. It's our mistake that we did not fight or supported the cause. We wasted tons of water while washing our cars, bikes, laundry, and dishes. We took a shower and never turned it off. We felt hardly one bucket of water wasted, will not make any difference. Now when we are forced to live in the limited water source, we are getting to know the importance of it.

Vedanth was pained to hear this, he never thought a city like Bengaluru will face this problem. He wanted to know more about rural side sufferings. Ashok said" Forest areas are deploying, many waterfalls and rivers dried because of polluted chemicals released to them by industries. Farmers are slowly vanishing. Many died of dehydration. Animals and birds are nowhere to be seen. our world is coming to an end, that's the sad reality. Rich people are moving abroad, it's only the middle class and poor people are striving hard to live. No fresh air as well to breathe, just pollution everywhere. Ashok wiped his tears thinking about the disastrous death.

Vedanth sat on a couch for some time, he wanted to help people to come out of this disaster. He was trying to find a way to resolve this crisis. He made up his mind that only reforestation could give relief in the long run. He wanted to see Bengaluru as a green garden city.

Next day vedanth and Ashok met the NGO's and few organizations and explained to them about their plans to overcome water scarcity. He tried hard to work out a plan, he made arrangements for water from neighboring state by paying them a triple amount for water tankers and supplied it to people. He purchased many saplings and handed over them to residents and volunteers. He started raising funds for the cause. Many volunteered for the cause and many donated generously. Slowly the situation was changing from worst to better. It took almost 4 months for him to complete just planting saplings in and around the city.

Vedanth happened to meet a minister who questioned him, When will this scarcity end, how long does it take to get relief from this scarcity?? to which vedanth replies "Sir, please let the plants grow and become trees. at-least our future generation may not have to suffer the way we all are suffering. We may have to continue the struggle for a few more years, but I am sure Nature will resolve this problem at the earliest. since rainy season is about to begin, let's hope all plants grow and become trees in short span. Our volunteers have ensured me that they will look after 3 million saplings that we planted in the city alone. I am going back to Australia now, will come back after 6 years to see greener Bengaluru city with lakes and water bodies. I am sure my volunteers don't disappoint me.


Better late than never. It's time we stand up for our mother earth. Stop wasting water and think about the future not just for your kids but for the generations to come. Go earth!!! Stop abusing the earth, she has no more patience to hold on to our sins.

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