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Reshma Moharana



Reshma Moharana


An Angel

An Angel

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"The hard-hearted man is the trust of my community"

The revelry celebration of the Durga puja was at its peak. My religious fervour goaded me to have a glimpse of the majestic lady. So I went to her, obeisance at her feet. My human soul engrossed in her sparkling eyes and Devine grace. Spending some time at the pandal I headed towards home. My husband was driving the scooter and as usual, like a stress-free pillion, I was marvelling of goddess beauty on the way along.

And the rest what I remembered is the scooter hurled with a screakyyy...sound, I slipped off from the seat, the magnitude of force dragged my body few yards scratching on the rasp asphalt. Alas, I banged my head on a heap of stones and collapsed.

I was blackout for at least 10 minutes. After I get back to the sense felt a pang of piercing pain in my entire body and unable to move. A humble passerby helped me all most shivering I lifted myself on my feet. By the time my husband got an auto and incoherently, I managed into the auto, reached the hospital. The hospital is near my home, meant for maternity services. It was around 11.30 PM so besides a few caretakers and watchman nobody else was present there. They pitied my condition took me and laid me on the bed, fetched water to drink and I was assessing my intensity of lacerations from their horrific faces and wide opened eyes.

Soon there para medical staff arrived, his experienced eyes from under his rimless spectacle scanned my bruises. The look-see came with an insistence that the cuts need to be stitched. It blew me again. I pleaded not to, but my voice deflated against his thunderous denial and stubborn quick action. Before I could utter anything, he loaded anaesthesia and spearheaded toward me. Nurses grabbed my feet and hands, like a chicken I was screaming but so rudely he injected at few points on my forehead.

Then brutally he scourged down the flesh with antiseptic, I was only screaming at his merciless actions. Without being lenient he carried out his procedures by soothing it finished and pacifying me in his very virile voice that purging of wounds is necessary to free the wounds from foreign particles before stitching. Shivering and pouncing in pain I was cursing him in my breath. Within few minutes very skillfully and meticulously he stitched down my skin.

The whole procedure came to an end, he flagged me to be done and my rattling fear came to halt. Taking my heavy feet I fluttered to home, scolding the hard-hearted man in my mutter.

In a very short time, his calibrated medicines acted on my cells absolutely and accurately and soon my wounds started healing. Again on the prescribed day with an amount of fear and trepidation, I landed at the hospital. My stitches opened, little infections were still there. He squeezed them to drain out the pus, dressed them and this minute act too was no less painful. Next, his few recommended antibiotics created robust antibodies overpowered infections my lacerations and abrasions filled just fine.

Finally, I got over both the malady and the fatal moment from my memory.

A smile reanimated on my long enduring tormented face I heaved a long relief. A sense of gratification in my human conscience merged for Nijat bhai.

This is not a fictional story but is my esteemed attempt to convey my indispensable regards to the man who cured me. I will be ever owed your compassionate service.

Mr, Nijat "A hard-hearted awesomely man is an excellent paramedic, an impeccable chemist, render assiduous service, the angel is the trust of my community."

I am seeing him working incessantly from years. Day and night he serves people without a cringe in his mind. His bag is store of all necessary medication. The man never hesitate to go out of the way takes risk to save life. I often amazed by the unflinching patience of his kind heart. His tired face always wears a composed smile. He is my community's most trusted 'Nijaat bhai. who ever responds with a reserved but very generous smile".

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