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Just Another Love Story

Just Another Love Story

3 mins

You never know when cupid strikes. When you ensconced in the emotion of love. The most beautiful and intense feeling that takes you into it's captive.

He was Shouke, a gentle pedantic boy. She was Rani a shy and virtuous girl. They shared a naïve glance while checking out the notice-board for their respective classes. Both hustled enthusiastically as it was the 1st day of their college. 

Both ended off into the same class, reciprocate some common salutations, and diverted attentiion in the class. The lecture was over and they headed for home. Another daybreak, Shoukee, and Rani meet, got familiar, and in the everyday chit chat became friends.

The graceful demeanor of Rani attracted Shouke, Unwittingly he falls for her. With the flow of time he figured out the emotions,  it is the sweet love. Hitherto it was a one-sided affair, the ineffable desires were surging in the levee of his heart. Shoukee was struggling with the sweet fear of butterflies in his stomach and apprehensive of professing his feelings to her. One day he mustered courage and opened his heart before his love. 

The social etiquette Rani declined Shouke's proposal, social etiquette of Indian girls forbids them to indulge in love affairs. But positive Shoukee didn't let go his will and his pertinacious effort bowed Rani fall in his love. When cupid struck it struck both, the only realization takes some time.

Heart smitten, love blossom

Two souls tunes 

Dance in their much affable

Oblivious to the harsh world

Just like any other love story, here and how their story emerged as a new dawn. College was their only meeting place. Within the tight schedule of lectures still, the duo managed some pleasant time together. Both have knowledge of their limits. Unaware of the cold reality of the future, both were living the moments to their core.

7 years of academic years together painting an indelible picture in the soul. Time's flow is always unpredictable. Some times what we assume to be the climax, surprisingly story begins from there. We have no reach to our predestined script of life.

7 years is a quite long time to share a placid understanding between two persons and to get into partner's perceptions, perfections, and imperfections. The skipping of hearts alters with the beating of the heart. The line of trust surpasses any dubiety. 

But we never know when life gets turn filling doudts and dejection all over the air.

One day Shokee sent her some book with some private notes in it, completely unaware of the repercussion of the infelicitous act that he did just in the lark. The parcel gets into the hand of Rani's father, he fumed and rained  humiliation upon her daughter. The burden of her clandestine affair weighs high before her parent's undue demands and she bounded to stonewall the person with whom she shared a deep connection. Shoukee cursed him selves for the inopportune moment and his foolish deed. But what has done is done, Shoukee have no hold over the unpleasant situation. He was begging thousands pardon silently within his heart, as there was no means of communication with his love.

Shoukee's  all effort to persuade Rani went in vain. Rani draws a Rubicon to edge her selves from the relationship.  

Just on the basis of a love note, societal blinkers parted away two consent lovers. Rani could have a voice for love, but she didn't and Shoukee has no control over Rani's decision. Or the entire scene must have hurt Rani and its completely her prerogative to move on from the relationship. But the story too can be ended with grace.Humble Shoukee wholeheartedly respects Rani's decision. But in this story, the beauty of innocence harshly sundered, in the deep crevices of heart some emotions sealed forever. 

''Oh, how the spring of love resembleth, The uncertain glory of an April day, Which now shows all beauty of the sun, And by and by a cloud takes all away''. Shakespeare

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