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Reshma Moharana

Children Stories Inspirational

Keep Heart Of Elephant But Eye

Keep Heart Of Elephant But Eye

4 mins

The below narration is an evocation of my past memory. I dedicate this write-up to my astute Aunty. A small incident was a lesson for me. It's another thing that the significance of the lesson I realized in late in my life. 

The family especially the big Indian joint family has its own perks. I was fortunate to brought up in such a milieu along with a flocks of cousins. We used to be watchdog of our palatial mansion, meanders around and keeps account of every single happenings. When we sense anything strange our ears prick up, we expiscate the matter till we brings a Cristal clear picture.

One evening after shepherding our cows into their shed, I saw my grandma is still standing by the foyer. Usually, she meticulously closes the wooden giant door and peeves if it is left open. So I went to her, my suspicion didn't belated to check around. I stretched long gazed to the both end of the road but didn't get any clue. 

Surprised by my grandma's unusual action I asked her why are you standing here, let's go our cows are already in their shed. Then she replied it's my wish I will stand here. Don't you have homework? You go focus on your study.

Her unreasonable reply raised my curiosity and I decide to be with her to keep the account of her ongoing intention. 

So I pretend to roam around our foyer, but my undiverted attention was fixed upon her. Inbetween my cousin brother came to inform me, it's study time come else you will get a rebuke. This didn't detter my propensity to Sherlock. My mischievous mind instantly chalked out a reasonable excuse to be safe from my mother's anger. 

I told my brother grandma has appointed me to some work. Go and convey my mother. I am just coming in sometimes. 

After few minutes my father arrived. I ran to help him to get the scooter in through the elevated slope. By the way, It used to be my favorite activity, to push the scooter on hump and equally delights while it rolls down the descended part of the slope. 

My father was about to keep the scooter on the stand, grandma came near and demanded ₹300 to him. ( Back those days worth of ₹300 is equal to ₹3000)

Father in awe asked grandma what you will do with such a big amount. Then she retorts whatever I do is non of your business. I asked you the money you give simply. Whether I eat sweets or buy a silk saree, it's my prerogative.  Before my father could speak I leaped to broke into their conversation. But my father sends me to massage my mother to stew tea. In silent murmur, I went. 

I in no time relay the breaking news to my band of cousins. It was appearing as if we are into our books but our mind was  restlessly solving the latest riddle. bewildered we decided to keep watch on her 24*7. 

After a week my father dispensed him ₹200. Though she was irked with the sum didn't launch any discourse. The next day I saw her flumbing out ₹100 from her tin trunk. She subsumed the money and kept ₹300 in her Bhagvat Geeta. 

So the next mission was what she will do with the money. We cousins scheduled for shift surveillance to check the flow of money.

Two days later I was on an afternoon nap, my cousins pulled out me from bed. In their utter astonishment, they broke the news that two fellows had come to our house. One is from our lane to him grandma gave ₹200 and another was a stranger to him she gave ₹100. 

We immediately launched investigation about the man from our locality. We decode that his daughter is getting Marry, his financial status is quite unsound. The reason is genuine so we closed the file. But what about the stranger. This time we failed. Cracking the secret was beyond our skill. So we rolled out the matter to our trustworthy aunty. 

Then with Aunty, we had a keen discussion over the periodic development on the intense issue and left the further proceedings over her. 

Our astute aunty succeeded to prise out the information from my grandma's belly. The rest ₹100 she had given to a student on request. She had meet and befriended with him in the Gayatri Samaj congregation. He is a poor fellow from the village who couldn't afford admission into college, so she resolute to help him. 

My aunty praised my grandma for her kind work. Then she asked grandma to call that boy so that we can help him afterward. My grandma's happiness had no bound. She massaged through her society fellows several times. But the boy didn't come. One day a known fellow from grandma's society came and informed her that boy was a con. He had fled away with society's fund. 

We were waiting in our breath for this moment. We besieged her, hurled an encompass preach on her wrong persuasions till she begged mercy in frantic. 

The incident taught me it's good to be kind but before doing charity it's necessary to scrutinize the true need. 

Keep the heart of elephants and have the eyes of eagles. The lesson is taught by my dear aunty who is simultaneously clever and kind.

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