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Reshma Moharana



Reshma Moharana


Akanksha (Aspirations)

Akanksha (Aspirations)

4 mins

Passing through the meandering paths amidst lush green hills is used to be Akankhya’s best time of the day. It was her daily commute and perhaps the halcyon days of her life.

After college, she returns home surrounded by her flocks of friends. While friends used to giggle over girls’ affairs she never evinces any interest rather tap into nature. The tall sky-touching trees, playing hairs and flopping squirrels beneath its wide trunks, the peeping woodpecker from the protuberated cavity of huge boughs,  beautiful mustard cultivated yellow hills that stretched to the end of the horizon, the chirping birds on flower shrouded boughs, parrots tweaking and savouring guavas fascinates her more than love professing boys.

She may not be breathtakingly beautiful but her quiet demure adding grace to her. The enigma in her shy smile can struck the heart. It’s not that she doesn’t have suitors but she never paid head to them. Her quest were different. Her fascination was to unravel the conundrum of phantasmagorical northern lights .She wants to feel the silence of the space. She wants to breath in the tranquil of forest.

‘’Upon the canvas

She wanted to paint her volition

Volition with purpose

Purpose of a meaningful life

That worth soulful smile

Her millions prayers, pleads the blessings

 to fulfil her heart’s deepest desire’’.

An introvert by nature but intellect in mind there was an ocean of dreams waving in her eyes. Akanhya means hope, aspirations. Defining her name she has nursed some ambitions silently in her heart. To scratch a carrier as environmentalist she burnt the candle from both sides.She issued books of great environmentalists from the library read them with keen interest, the wildlife photographs amazes her and keeps the flames of her aspirations burning. In solving mathematical nuts with stars and deciphering complicated law of physics sun peers through her window. Akankhya’s attention sinks in the radiant beauty of emerging sun.

‘’Those were not mere dreams

But lights

Beaming in her eyes

To stand with the stance

Command the respect of the world

Was her only wish’’.

Life inevitably plays with human emotions by throwing arbitrary situations. That day elated Akankhya was in tearing rush for home. Be wreathed in smile she was presuming her parent’s joyful expression over her distinguish feat. Winning the inter-state debate is a considerable success and their daughter has hit this. It was not an easy task but her pragmatic arguments and best possible solution on environmental preservation and way to mitigate pollutions gave a sweep to all the contestants. This is not just a trophy, this is a reason for her parents to feel pride.

Confused by the inconspicuous approach, the giant trees, the squirrels, the hairs, the avian, the splendid hills and the floating moon on swallow azure sky all are trying to read the pulse of Akankhya. As she passed by smiling soaked in her own thoughts and didn’t even glanced at them.

Reaching home she saw a high-class car was parked on their veranda. She entered inside quietly. Soon her mother took her upstairs and asked her to get fresh and wear her best clothes. In awe, Akhankya asked why! And the next moment she shattered. Before she could assess the scene tears rolled down upon her despaired countenance. In mum, Akankhya was crying inconsolably within. Just in a split of the moment, her world turned upside down. All her dreams splintered and reality sundered her innocent teen.

The guest belongs to the affluent status of society and her father has fixed the marrage since some days keeping Akankhya in dark about was the proceedings. Her parents even didn’t bother to ask her wish.Blinded in the glitters of gold parents sold their daughter’s dream. According to parent’s perspective in the well-off family their daughter will be in financial bliss and in fortnight her marriage got solemnised.

Guests enquired over delay, father in high pitched voice summoned her to go to the living room. Accompanied by her mother like a puppet, she followed the order. Akankhya could read the werewolf beneath the effusive gesture but her voice repressed by her parents' overbearing nature. Her parents choose authority over their daughter willingness. giving her a lifetime scar.

‘’On that very day her smiles died, she never smiled again

Marriage turned a life time predicament

Since then’’.

 The entwined magenta and white blossomed bougainvillaea over the tall fence is looking ravishingly beautiful. Two sparrows are flocking on the flower clustered vines. The vivacity of nature didn’t delight her mind and Akanhya shifted her gaze onto the ground.

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