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Reshma Moharana



Reshma Moharana


Spring Again

Spring Again

2 mins

Tossing and nodding with the wind the scarlet red bunch of flowers on a thin vine

Drew my gaze with a warmth greeting

The lush and wild bougainvilleas; red, magenta, and white 

Filling transient hues in the landscape and stunning my mindscape

The full bloomed panicles filled with creamy and pink flowers adorned the mango trees

As a beautiful bride is smiling in grace

The clusters of blooming Rangoon creeper twigs on the thatched roofs and walls

Catching the vision as if a dexterous artist’s finest portrait

The delicate red Cypress flower peeking out from the feathery foliage

As if eagerly waiting for the hummingbird to be kissed

Effacing heavenly sweet scent the star jasmine

Appearing as if sparkling stars in the twilight

The euphonious song of cookoo reverberating in rhythmic pitch

A grand orchestra is playing enhancing the charm of the evening fiesta

The westerly wind winnowing its way through the rice field

Like the dancing, tides play on the surface of the sea

The vermillion setting sun shining down on the river

Bidding lover’s spirit on the earth

The ineffable beauty of nature overwhelming my mind

Captivating my human consciousness to a higher realm

Westerly breeze swaying through my hairs

Elating my senses to fall for it

Two doves flying circuitously in the yonder of my sight

Appealing my volition to delight

In the ecstasy of spring

My heart silently craves for you to unite

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