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Reshma Moharana



Reshma Moharana


An Unexpressed Love Story

An Unexpressed Love Story

3 mins

It was a book launching event of a standout writer Rahul. The writer read few lines from his book before guests.

"She may not be as beautiful as Eros

But smiling she sparks one in millions

Every day my eyes wait for her glance

Unwittingly in my heart creating some avid desire

Like a calm she took care, nurturing all my dreams

All my agonies thaw down in her warmth

Something very beautiful was traversing in between

And two souls were dwelling, yet very pristine

To much of my desperation

I couldn't read the tender

Though times allude was clear

Now, I only rue for not decipher".

Instantly a question from guests echoed in the hall. Is the metaphor "she" exists in your life? Is "she" part of your living memory?

To it, Rahul too honestly replied, yes. She was part of my life's journey. We had met for a specific time it was tryst of destiny. She is indelible from my memory. Soon he averts to present on the content of the book, denying to divulge more about Ananya.

Thousands of miles away, on another part of globe Ananya was watching this event on social media. The pain was coursing through her eyes. Holding the cushion tight to her chest she was weeping involuntarily.

Ananya and Rahul were good school mates. After high school, they chose different streams but enrolled in the same college. They did spend three years, and in those three years probably there wasn't a single day they would have left without meeting each other. The college corridor used to be their meeting place. And lectures, notes, syllabus, and semester preparations used to be their subjects of talks. In between Rahul's family was distributed owing to some insolvency. It was affecting Rahul in his studies. Ananya left no stone untouched to calm Rahul and inspired Rahul to focus on his career. Ananya took care of every need of Rahul, strengthening Rahul emotionally without claiming her presence in his life.

One day Rahul said to Ananya that he is going to very busy, as life has placed some challenges before him and he has to prove himself. So now he won't be able to meet anymore. And that was the last moment they have seen each other's eyes without reading nature's silent sign. The tire screeched loudly and in hurry, Rahul left to catch the bus. Ananya numbingly watching Rahul thousands unsaid creating oceans in her eyes.

Lapse by lapse, eight years passed. Ananya and Rahul were living, as life has doled out to them, being truthful and modest to their families. Still being humble and loving each other deep in their hearts as "love is smoke and made with fumes of sighs".

Ananya's four-year-old son asked his mother wiping her tears adorable insisted not to cry. She hugged her son and stepped into the kitchen to feed him. As the event ended Rahul headed towards his home.

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