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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

An Accident In My Life

An Accident In My Life

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Today, 29-Jun-2016, morning.

It was a rainy cloudy day.

The fast moving Nimbous cloud had already covered Bangalore’s sky, seemed like the full day would be raining.

Got up from the bed with a fresh mind and chill breeze actuated me to start for the office asap.

So, without talking with my lovely flower plants and cute pug puppy, I got prepared for office.

While taking my 4-wheeler key, Nizam called me informing that he is already near my apartment’s gate with my activa, which I had given him for servicing.

Got it from him and by seeing it, I felt what else can be the best mean to enjoy today’s weather to a full extent.

So, as usual, at 7:20am, I started to office with my activa.

The service road connecting from my house to main road is around 150mts long and the connection is a small circle having roads to all the 4 directions.

And there was no humps on my left side, though there was no traffic signal.

I saw one biker was coming from my left direction seeing somewhere else instead of seeing his front, I honked and tried to cross the 8 feet width road, as with me some small school going kids would also be able to cross the road.

Without any intention, I don’t know why my eyes still remained on his number plate for a moment and I was able to remember its last four digits.

But on the moment of my eye blink, I found myself falling on the road. What happened…???

That biker had hit me from my left side and I had fallen on the road.

Three or four persons had already gathered me and one was trying to take out the key of my activa, so that he could have lifted and place it in standing position.

I saw my jeans pant was already torn out on my knee and a small line of blood had already come out from my injured knee.

I was feeling pain even on my elbow.

I heard someone’s saying “Are Maam, gaddi jarra dhire chalaiye” and some other’s saying “Break fail ho gaya..” among the crowd.

I was feeling to cry, because whenever something happens with me like this, I always become the dearest darling of my Paa, Maa and Di.

But, now I thought I should not disturb my Paa, as he will be getting ready to start for office, he will become tensed and cannot concentrate on his work.

So, after thanking the crowd, I got up myself and tried to start my activa.

My red cute activa had become ugly, key was little bent, red had become grey in its left side, with a new concave contour.

Anyhow, I was able to start my journey again after taking the crowd’s suggestion that I need to drive slowly…

Immediately within a minute, I became very stable emotionally and ignored everything whatever happened.

Generally, if something odd happens with me in the morning while or before coming to office, I feel the complete day won’t go right with me. It might be because of some superstitions…

But today, it was a message from my conscience that I should ignore it and instead I should enjoy today’s weather which I had planned before.

If I enjoy this moment, then definitely I can make a nice day for myself.

There are lots of things today in my plate…

I have to start launching plan for my new (definitely its ‘mine’, because I am the owner of it) product, bunch of inputs need to be provided to Pre-sales team from my end, to propose new ideas to its marketing team and towards the end of the day, I have to give a customer-demo of its previous version.

After coming back to home, I have to spend 1 hr time with orphans of Sharma Ashram in its General Body Meeting day and understand their emotions.

And at last, will enjoy hot chilli chicken and basmati fried rice, which Maa had told me to prepare for me today, while coming to office.

So, if I start thinking about this dreadful moment, I cannot do anything… and what will be result??? I will crush myself at the time of sleeping when I think what I achieved today. I have just wasted a very nicely gifted day, which I can never get again, because now God is already aware that I don’t have the potential to utilize a gift given by him.

Then next time he will give this gift to some another person and a normal day to me.

By this time, I was already near the second traffic signal before the Central Silk Board.

The signal was yellow and became red, obviously that was to be… but strange!!! What I saw..???

One biker from my side of road hitted the water tank which was crossing the signal from right to left.

Why this biker still tried to cross the road even after red signal is on?

Immediately, a crowd gathered surrounding him… Bike had already crossed the road and was in left corner of the road near the place where traffic police used to stand.

I saw the bike and could not believe for a moment !!!

What happened…? It’s the same bike which had hit me sometimes before.

Yes, that person was heavily injured, had lost his sense and a heavy bleeding from the back of his ear.

Traffic Police was trying to call ambulance.

Don’t know what happened to him.

He had hit me because of his fault, not even stood there for a sec to know what happened to me or to say sorry to me just because of humanity and now he hit himself, again because of his fault.

I just prayed that God may help him and came out from that place after getting green traffic signal.

I arrived in office in time and completed all of my tasks and end of every task I was heavily praised by the audience, which was possible only because of my skill sets, hard work, talent, motivation and promise to myself that I will utilize my day to the full extent whatever the God has gifted me with.

Here, I can correlate the above complete story with the journey of my life.

While walking in the road of life’s journey, many people follow many ways to reach their destinations and accidents used to happen in more or less. Definitely, I didn’t have any sense of meeting these accidents, it happened with me without giving any prior glance. And after this, my life became something opposite than the plan that I had before. That’s why I call it as accidents.

Accidents for example: demise of someone very near or break in a relationship or loss in job (this can be considered minor)

So, how to deal with these kind of accidents?

We have to categorize the severity of the accident.

Whether it has harmed me mentally?

Whether it has harmed me physically?

If 1 is true, then there is not any mental low phase which cannot be cured, it just depends on my moral motivation to take the life ahead and see this God gifted life in a new way. Many people used to give many kind of adverse remarks towards me, even though that was not my mistake, like without understanding who made me fall on the road, the crowd gave a remark that i was driving carelessly. And if I start thinking about it, I can never proceed ahead in my life. I should not forget that I am the only person who has the capability of making my life beautiful. If I have lost my someone near, then this is my destiny defined by God and the actual pain will be erased out after accepting this only one option left, because I cannot go against the God’s wish. In case of relationship break, yes the God didn’t have made that person for me… that’s it. Cooooool….

Instead of this, if I think, my life is totally ruined then I will be the first person to ruin my life, not God. I should take the responsibility of myself.

Here Responsibility= Response + Ability.

Means, I should have the ability to respond to an accident, instead of remorsing for it…, accepting the result that the accident gave me and continuing living life in that emotional pain.

Give up and ignore everything whatever happened in my life and see how a beautiful life is welcoming me to see it in a very bold and strong way.

If I would have thought about my road accident, then I would have spoiled my entire day.

Here, that entire day is correlated with my entire life.

I should never waste our entire life for these accidents.

Beyond that, there are many things in this life to do and my main motto should be to make our life worth full instead of a waste/junk because of these accidents.

First thing is that to take care of myself, then only I will be able to take care of my surroundings.

There are many good deeds in this world to do for others. If I start doing these, then definitely, my life period will become too short to achieve all these.

These accidents/sufferings are the result of negative karma of previous life and result of that we need to get it, then only we can be a cleansed person, clean from all the negative karma. In order to make us a clean person, God defines those kind of accidents in our life. And now this is our responsibility how to take it ahead: a life with good karma or to repeat the same mistake in this life and to get into another accident in our next birth.

Everyone in this world is having their own destination and they try to reach there within their defined time frame. So, many people try to accept some un-law full ways to reach there and after getting there, they again try to spread their horizon. In this way, we keep on accumulating positive or negative karma in our life in a cumulative manner.

If I want to accumulate only positive karma in my life (definitely, I also accumulate some negative karma in our life, without my knowledge, even after planning not to go in that way, because I am the human being and not the God, even God had done mistake his life and if i don't do any mistake, then I am not the human being, might be some different creature, that I am not aware about which creature in this world), then I need to plan accordingly and keep on moving.

When I live my life, I can never realize that how worth full my life is… but at the last moment of my life, when I was struggling to take last breath, definitely I had recalled what deeds I had done throughout my life, many positive and many negative karma used to come in my mind and that moment I wanted to live for some more days, why..? Because I want to change my negative karma to some positive karma. This had happened with me once when I had tried and taken steps to end it up. But fortunately, I was able to survive that battle and got a new opportunity to live my life again. So, next time when this time comes naturally, I don't want to go through the same thoughts again, instead I should thank to God by telling that I have used his gift in a very nice way and leaving this mortal world happily without any regret. I don't want to become speechless in front of the God that I could not utilize his gift in a proper way.

So, why so much of repentance in life? I can plan something positive and move ahead.

4. If 2 is true, Yes, many of us meet strong physical harm with these accidents. We have to accept this as destiny defined by God, the only one option left that we have is to accept it. But the God will be always with me if I have taken care of myself, have come out from those traumas and started helping other, who is in such kind of problems.

If Arunima Sinha became the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest, then why can’t I…?

Extracted from my daily diary, dated on 29-Jun-2016, Wednesday.

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