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Apoorva Tyagi

Abstract Crime Thriller


Apoorva Tyagi

Abstract Crime Thriller

Allison Day: How I Became a Detective - Part 2

Allison Day: How I Became a Detective - Part 2

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Now in the first part, I had promised Mr. Markson that we are going to find Tyges and will also stop him. Back at home, I was pondering about where he can be and what does he want. Suddenly, my mind clicked again and I started talking to myself.

"What does he want...….I got it! If we want to find him in Mexico, we have to first figure out about 'what does he want' so that we can fathom where he is. And I know where he must have had his clues...."

I picked up my pace and rushed to the 'Poste de police' (Translate it!) and quickly took a seat, waiting for Mr. Markson. He came out a minute later, and I quickly explained my theory.

He waved his bushy mustache and looked at me with his intense eyes.

"Wow Missy. You really have an eye for crooks. Ok. That is.. if you know where we can confide his clues."

I nodded and signaled him to follow me. When we reached the cellars, I asked him to tell me where Tyges had been imprisoned and he pointed to my left. A big gleamy cellar was to my left, and we both stepped in. Once we stepped in, I looked at Mr. Markson if he could find any secret places or anywhere to begin with, but when I turned around, he was just standing at one place giving my 'confusedness' a look. I sighed, and started investigating the whole area, but found nothing that would uncover somewhere that Tyges would hide his clues.

I turned to Mr. Markson, furious and started blabbering.

"Sérieusement?! Pas un indice pour révéler quelque chose qui nous aiderait à aller plus loin? Ok, c'est complètement hideux et absolument énervante! J'abandonne!"

Ok, I know I overdid it, but when I'm angry too, I blabber in French. (Translate it from Google Translate, I'm not translating that for you, duh)

I think Mr. Markson understands French, because he calmed me down and said,

"Don't give up, Missy. Its about your Grandma's justice. You see, things aren't quite as messy as they look. Don' worry. We'll completely figure it out."

We were about to walk out of the cellar, when a cleaner just came running to Mr. Markson.

"Sir, Sir!", he cried. "Sir, the other day when Horiato, the assistant cleaner was cleaning Tyges's cellar, he found something. He gave it to me, since today he is not working for the shift. Here."

Mr. Markson took the evidence and signaled the cleaner to go. As Mr. Markson looked at it, his face grew into a smile. A very big one indeed. As his hands are super big, I wasn't quite able to have a look at what the evidence was.

"This is it.", he turned to me.

"What, what is it?"

He smiled a big smile and started explaining things. "Look Missy. I told ya that things aren't quite as sucia as they look."

I tilted my head.

He shoved a piece of paper in my hands at my reaction. "Here. Look at this."

I studied the paper thoroughly. "678932?", I was confused. "This is only a number Mr. Markson. Look."

But he didn't accept the paper. He gently put his hand up and explained me something.

"I know Missy. Lemme tell you a tale. Come."

We went inside the cellar again and took a seat on the floor. 

"Now listen. When Tyges was locked in the cellar, there was this one runaway convict looking like man who would everyday come to the jail cellar to meet Tyges and would stay there for 2-3 hours."

I was puzzled. "2-3 hours?! But I thought Tyges had no relatives or any family at all."

Mr. Markson nodded. "Umm-Hmm. We believe that too. But now it's making sense that the man who visited Tyges everyday wasn't a relative or something. He was a criminal friend too. Anyways, that's not what matters. What matters is... everyday, they used to clutter inside each other, and very secretly write ✍ something on a piece of paper like this one. And right 6 seconds after that, they both with make an excuse 🙄 of using the bathroom and would keep on whispering all the way till there. And what surprised me even more is that they would come all gleaming, and very surprisingly, would come in super clean jail clothes."

I was stupefied. His story was amazing and super interesting. Suddenly then as usual, my brain clicked again and I tried to make sense of that paper. 

"So....this paper's code might help us with the whatever secret place Tyges and his friend went in the bathroom . Which is... super gross "

Mr. Markson nodded. "You're getting it now, Missy. But. There is still one problem. And that is that I had noticed Tyges and his friend write in a new paper  every single day. Which means.....

"Which means that they must be writing a different code for a different day. Wonderful." I completed in a snobbish, not-so-great way.

Mr. Markson agreed. "Exactly.

I don't know how, but when we both were sulking at our failure, suddenly our minds clicked at the same time and we got all cheered up again.

"What if--"

"--The codes tell what's in the secret place based on the day that the code is used in?" I finished for Mr. Markson, as usual.

"Right ✅ ", he agreed, all excited. "That way if we use a certain day's code today, it will tell what the secret place had on the day."

I nodded. But then a question 🤔 crossed my mind. "But how will we know which date are we accessing?"

Mr. Markson scratched his head. "I...don't know but don' worry, we'll probably figure that out. Let's go"

I nodded and we rushed to the Jail Bathroom. What was waiting for us next was totally terrific.......

Hold on your belts readers! Take a break and keep guessing what will happen next...and then quickly turn to - Allison Day : How I became a detective _ Part 3*

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