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When you don't like socializing

When you don't like socializing

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he"Tring-tring!" Drake looked down on his couch. It was just his phone beeping. But it was a nightmare for him. 'Oh no!' He thought. 'Its Sara! She always forces me to go to that club! And that too with Censor and Jake. Both those annoy-sters always push me into an over-crowed place in the club and knowingly force me to dance in front of everyone! I'm definitely not going to another club! How should I handle this... Ummm...' So while Drake is focusing on how to avoid the forced outing, Let's learn somethin' about him. Peter Shepherd, nicknamed as Drake, is the biggest 'Human-Interaction hater' I've ever known. I'm Marley Jacob, the daughter of the principal of his school, and I'm his good friend. So I know like, a lot about him. This is just a little kind of novel, about a person who hates socialization, and was the only person, happy in this lockdown. Now getting back to Peter a.k.a Drake, his decisions are like... lemme tell you one incident.

One day... when he had ordered butter chicken from a nearby restaurant, this happened with him...

"Oh man! Its been 2 hours! How long is this delivery gonna take! I'm texting him right now!" He texted the restaurant and got this in reply :-

---- We're sorry sir. We're just getting the restaurant to call you. They'll explain the matter. Thank you. You'll receive a call in 2 minutes. 

This message... was like a NIGHTMARE! to Drake. He was so terrified at the word, 'Call' that he felt dizzy. Extremely dizzy. A thousand thoughts started running in his mind. "Should I pick up the call? No, no, no. I can't do that! I need to find some other way of this confusing and ridiculous situation! Umm... Ummm... think Peter, think!" Suddenly his bright blue eyes lit up. "A-ha! I'll just cancel my order and have Maggi today! Woo-Hoo!"

Crazy, right? He's so much a loner. And he loves it. So, moving to his friends... he has only 2 friends, one is just same as him and the other is the exact opposite. Sara Aubingwer and Ubriel Mottenware. Sara is the sport-y diva, always clubbin', going to parties, staying out for almost 18 hours! Its an idea of her perfect day. According to her, she's living her dream. And Ubriel is the exact opposite. He loves to stay in a corner, talking to Drake and having wine all day long in his house. He takes earphones with him, to avoid listening to people, and chatty cab drivers. Anyways, now returning to Drake's call, let's see what did he did. 

"Hey Draku! Or should I say... my lonely little draa-koola! Hee-hee! How're you?

"Oh. Hey Sara! Nice to hear you! What happened? Any special reason to call?"

"Of course! We're... going to... UBRIEL'S BIRTHDAY PARTY!"

"Umm... I can't... wait, what? What did you just say?"

"Your fav friend's birthday! Ubriel! Oh gosh! How come you don't remember?!"

"Oh! Yaa, yaa. I totally forgot. Getting ready in 10 minutes. Bye!"

"No! Listen! Don't get ready so fast! Its at a diff location this time, dude! Lemme first send you the location. And also, its only 8 right now! Are you stupid or what? No party starts before 12, nerd! Hee-hee! See ya at 11:59, SHARP! Bye!"

*Click! Call disconnected by Sara*

Drake looked confusedly at his phone after the call disconnected. A thousand thoughts raced his mind. 'Wait, what? Ubriel has never ever kept his birthdays at 12PM and at a different location other than his home. What's goin on? Oh wait! I have a horrible feeling that he has called this stupid lovesick couple, Censor and Jake. Uh-oh! Are Censor and Jake planning his birthday surprise? That's even worse. Whenever Censor and Jake are somewhere, there're 100% upto something. And they specially love to irritate me by pushing me into crowd. I bet Sara's into this plan too. She must be liking the idea of getting me to indulge in between more people. I gotta find it out. Umm... but what shall I do -- Ooh! A great idea! I'll just ask Ubriel! That's it! Lemme quickly call him!' He quickly rummaged through the cushions on his sofa to find his phone. He dialed his number as fast his fingers could go. "Hello Ubriel! Happy birthday to you, May God bless you! Now quickly tell me, are Censor and Jake gonna be at your party too?", Drake anxiously asked. Ubriel was stunned and confused. Laughing, he replied, "My dear dost (friend), I never have my birthday in the month of August. I've already had it 2 months ago, and you were invited, I suppose. You're not a party animal, I'm sure, then why do you want to create a fake party dude?" Drake tilted his head at the other side. "What? I had a call from Sara." Drake told him the full conversation. Ubriel was rolling on the floor with laughter. Then he got a kind-of seriousness in his voice and said, "I'm glad you called me. Sara's fooling you. She wants you to get into the crowd, and probably in a club, with a fake proposal, to get you out of your house, into people." Drake thanked Ubriel like, a thousand times and got very furious with Sara, after their call got disconnected. Drake went to his bed and lied down. 'Why is Sara and the other good friends of mine always forcing me to socialize? What's so good in that? Why is there a problem in being a loner? I guess, I should find out the answer myself, today.' He went for a walk, and noticed a lot of people down. All of his questions got answered as he slowly started going to some more crowed parts of his society that he hadn't been yet. 'The only answer to my questions is... one can never ever clap with only 1 hand. Almost everything in this world has been made up by people, friends are people, helpers are people, parents are people. No one can escape them. Celebrities' have to get through people to become so famous and successful. There's no escape.'  That walk, those thoughts that day, changed Drake and now Mr. Peter Shepherd, is a social speaker. Life is really full of possibilities. 

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