Adam Orang Diaries

Adam Orang Diaries

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My heart was flickering scarlet for I left in spring and returned in winter. Meeting my own uncle, Alexander Orang, the greatest exorcist of the era after such a long time gave me exorbitant pleasure. We discussed every single subject in the world, starting from Literature to Politics.

The discussions were always so long because there were never any conclusions, but only contemplation. He began wearing his gown and I had an idiotic query, “Why are you wearing it?” The old man gave a scorning smile for I intercepted a Shakespearian reply. “Why did Jesus ride the donkey?” he asked. I was right. After thinking like a dumb for some minutes, I replied, “To visit Jerusalem.” To this, he immediately asked, “What is Jerusalem?” “Home,” I uttered. “Alright, you are visiting the Church.” He laughed loudly and nodded. He kissed my forehead and took his steps towards the door but stopped abruptly. “Adam, I have a big surprise for you.” I looked at him while washing the gooseberries. “Come!” I wore some proper attire and sat with him in the car. We took a ride of about fifteen minutes and arrived at the destination. Uncle exclaimed, “Look!” That certain sight made my emotions squirt through tears. ‘Adam Orang Salvation’ was written on the board of a 2–storey building. I hugged him tight. “Go, see it. Samuels will drop you.” I looked out of the room and saw a chubby person standing. He bowed before my uncle as the car left. “So, you are the heir after whom our home is made.” I nodded skittishly. “I am Samuels Kujur.” The name seemed a bit nostalgic to me. “Are you not the winner of Best exorcist in the recent Pseudoscience summit?” He nodded repeatedly showing the elation. “You are no less. Performed fifty exorcisms at the age of mere 18.” I agreed with a smile. “What’s your age?” I asked. “I am 24.” “Alright let me introduce you to our second home.” I really wanted this and gave him allowance. “So, heir, let’s start with the field. Our morning start with Yoga. We deal centrally with victims of para forces but in today’s world Diabetes, Hypertension and Depression just go hand to hand.” That indeed was precisely true. My mind was satisfied with the initiative of uncle. “Next is the Rehab Centre. Our imminent psychiatrist Dona deals with people who have had attempted suicide or are going through third degree depression. Next is the Retard centre. All retarded patients make their way here.” Both the departments were on the first floor itself that left me curious about the remainder. He caught it soon. “You might me thinking about the second floor. Are not you?’’. I replied “Actually!” He gave a smile and asked me to follow him. We gushed to the stairs to make our way. At last, we arrived in the floor. Unique it was for it gave the impression of night even in day as the corridor was decorated with green lanterns all the way.  It was like a dungeon’s corridor. “Tat taara,” a jubilant Samuels exclaimed. I got extremely happy when I saw it written ‘PARA RESEARCH CENTRE’. “This is ‘our’ place,” I quoted. We entered the room. It was a complete closet with two tables like Billboards’ lying. When I had a close look, I saw around 7 Ouija Boards in each table. I touched and immediately knew that they were one of a kind. ‘Perfect!’ I exclaimed. The border of the room had two large mirrors on each side. The walls had Gabriele Amorths’ quotes pasted along with many idols of Jesus in an antique cupboard. “People think the room is haunted owing to its design,” I heard a voice. I presumed it as Samuels’ for a second but my conscience told me that it was a female voice. So, I turned back. There, I saw a girl who was beautiful in every way but those big-rimmed spectacles made her look ‘Geek’. “Yea, somewhere or the other it looks so.” Suddenly, Samuels made an entry back from the washroom with a deluxe bag in his hand. “Owe heir, she is Anna, my sister.” I smiled once again. Things were sombre until I heard a thunderous voice. I gazed both at Anna and Samuels. Then I saw a fat girl with the darkest eye liners entering.” She is Bandana, our third and the last member,” said Anna. Bandana’s every moment was a proof of independence. She smiled at me as if we were childhood friends. I returned even a bigger smile. In the middle of all these events, the telephone rang and Anna attended to it. I kept on giving them weather report of the US, eating habits of US and was being a personal guide too by telling about Orlands as if I was the explorer who discovered the land of the Gypsies. Anna then clapped both her hands to divert our attention towards her. “Guys and Gals, listen up! There is an immediate invitation to the ‘Axa road’ from a person named Chepu.” ‘’This road is trending on social networking sites,” said Vandana. I was unaware and craved for  more information. “They say people passing through vehicles after sunset die one way or the other after seeing an apparition right there.” I immediately assumed that it is most probably the ‘White Lady‘ case. They carry a lot of grief and are thirsty for revenge. “So, we are visiting it, now itself” quoted Samuels. They were about to depart with their deluxe bags when I stopped them saying “25 exorcisms at 18 and trained in Orlands.” They exchanged looks amongst themselves and laughed loudly. I was sitting in the authority vehicle with them as we made our way to the all-infamous ‘Axa Road ‘. After a short drive, we arrived at the hellish destination. There were Crickets entertaining the only old trees with defaced branches. For the road was completely sluttish with only some long trees which would piss off the boldest at night. We got out of the mobile and looked here and there. Then, we heard a hysterical sound shouting,” Hey, I am Mr Chepu. You guys are...?” “AAS,” replied the pack leader Samuels. “All right, I won’t take much time. I just have to inform you that I am setting up a SSI at Timothy and you know it well that this is the only way to reach it. But, my clients and employees are totally pissed off. So, do make it serene. You will get your sum.”  The deal was made and Chepu left. “Take out your Infra-Reds. Let us see if any guest from the parallel universe awaits us.” “Drive as slow as possible,” said I. He nodded chewing a gum. The mobile went on and on at a frustrating 20 KM/hr. The Infrareds were on. Half an hour passed and two hotdogs vanished. I started yawning with a filthy smell too. Suddenly, my I-R turned Red. I let a shout and the car immediately stopped. We got out of it and I took out the EMF.  After slanting in every possible direction, the device assured the phantom’s presence. “Weak spirit!” I commented. They nodded too. “You just to need to avoid the criteria of death,” commented Anna.  We fixed a laser on the ‘cold spot’ so that we do not have to search it again. “Let’s come back at 4. The sunset occurs at 5.” “Ok!” I commented.  It was 4:30 p.m. and Sam was outside peeping it loud. I wore a Parka as the cold breeze flew and joined them. We made it at proper 4. “We have decided that Adam and Anna are going to the cold spot while I and Bandana control the Portable Motion Sensor. There is a cordless fixed in your ears, Go on!” We hugged and Sam dropped us to the cold spot. They returned until 4:45. “Your amulets on?” I asked Anna. She said. “Yes!”  We quietly fixed 8 PMS and they worked as Sam reported.  We spread holy water everywhere around. The sunset occurred to welcome eeriness and damn horror. “Give me Ouija,” I asked Anna. She frowned her eyebrows asking me not to joke. “I am not joking, love. Give me.” She frowned them even more. An argument exploded. “You are going to talk with it.” I nodded. She shouted, “Are you out of your mind?” “The ghost is feeble and is a White lady. I won’t kill it until I hear it from her.” “My geophone said it. She was a female crying in sourness. Moreover her movement indicates that she has bent legs, your brother himself told me.” She had to give me. The Crickets begun that irritating eerie noise again and the trees turned black as The Ouija stared at me and I started the process.  Dark secrets were exposed which left me in the worst tears and even Anna’s jaws dropped. I asked her one-day evasion for the ‘Criteria of death’. If a traveller in vehicle witnesses the apparition, the person dies. This is the only way the ghost can kill}. We commanded Sam to come. He arrived shouting,” We have killed it.” Bandana was making some sounds too. Anna looked at me and inhaled some breath to tell her brother the truth. He was about to explode like Moses but became serene on knowing about the reason and the benefit of evasion. Another chilly night arrived the next night. At 8 pm, Sam peeped from his car. I wore a pullover and jumped on to his car. In the backseat were seated three hooligans. “They are distant cousins of my best friend and were in the lock up for no reason so I got them bailed.” I did not utter a word and asked him to progress. The hooligans were behaving like soldiers who protected their empire for trillions and now are in for a rest. We went on and neared ‘Axa Road ‘. At that moment, one of them burst out laughing saying that it was their favorite most spot. I turned to them and uttered, “Indeed.” In the mid-way, we saw a laser beam. We exchanged glances, counted until three, and closed our eyes. The car took left and hit a log. Both of us had our head swelling but the remainders split out of the car breaking the windows with a thuderring shout.” “Did they die?” Aadar asked hysterically. “Of course! Moreover, the road became serene.” Aadar asked the reason for it. I decided to tell the latent secret. “The three hooligans were spoilt shits of a politician. They moreover were juveniles that add to their benefit. They raped the woman in the road at that spot. No sentence was given. The restless soul wanted that deserving revenge and vowed for freedom through their death. When Sam got them out, they were in the lock up for some petty deed.” “What made you talk instead of destroy?’’ Aadar yet again questioned. “ Well! Concept, brother. Lady in white are ghosts with grief, innocent souls who had seen the worst in their lifetime and thirsty for justice,” said Adam hitting the target with an arrow. “One last query?’’, asked an irritating Aadar this time. “ Go on,” he muttered. “Was it tougher than Tapori?” To this, Adam opened his hair and replied, “NEVER!”

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