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Drashti Badheka


A Walk With My Angel

A Walk With My Angel

3 mins

He looked for a while towards me, and asked- "so, were these your questions??"

I wasn't going to answer this, I have a few more. I replied sounding a little ironical- "don't worry, I have thousands more for you."

We laughed a bit louder, it was the first time I have ever seen him laugh. He looked so beautiful, his laugh includes one side dimple too. I was so astonished by his beauty.

"You have a dimple too, that too this deep. I never noticed it. Why?" I asked him. As it wasn't a thing, I didn't notice of him. And this beautiful dimple, I can't forget it so simply.

"Because Jaan, today I'm behaving like the one who I'm. Until now, I never felt this happy to laugh. Today, without any fear, I believed, you are my Jaan. My dimple show when I laugh more than blush."

While he was telling, I was blushing. But also my other mind was thinking, how would we be one. What if it ended badly? What if because of me, he would be in danger. But right now, this is the best moment I ever felt.

He was heading me towards a path covered with trees at both sides. I even wasn't able to recognize where are we heading. I asked him immediately-

"where are we going?"

I was looking and trying to recognize the signs of road to know where are we. His crooked smile, made my heart happy. All need of answer was gone in a second. He replied-

"it's a surprise, Jaan."

My gosh, really a surprise. I hate surprises. But, I know he won't tell me, if he doesn't want to. I have to wait, no other option.

We headed towards an end, I can tell bcoz I think no road was going ahead of it. He looked towards my eyes, I along with him went in search of his eyes-

"come, take a walk with me."

He took my hand, and started walking. The ground wasn't at all good for a walk. I helped myself from falling twice, while he was holding me too tight to fall.

After a while of the walk, we ended in a big ground in a circular way. It was like a bowl full of trees that gave a roof to small colorful flowers and butterflies. It was covered with long trees, I wasn't even able to guess whether was it one big tree or a group of big trees which resulted in this. The ground was covered with beautiful white, purple, and red flowers. I have never seen such beautiful scenery. Flowers were like diamonds to ground. Beautiful groups of butterflies, playing in the ground. It was like beautiful heaven to earth. Sharing this moment with him, made it more special for me. I was so in love with this moment, never want to lose it. I half hugged him. 

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