Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.
Read a tale of endurance, will & a daring fight against Covid. Click here for "The Stalwarts" by Soni Shalini.

Anushka Saha



Anushka Saha


A Letter From Mother Earth To Her Daughter

A Letter From Mother Earth To Her Daughter

4 mins

Darkness enveloped the sight stealthily, the series of engulfing Gamma explosions somewhat subsided, and the heaven maintained death stillness.


Year, 9737 AD

Somewhere in an unnoticed corner of the Milky Way galaxy, laid a victim, a victim of a perishing star – The Sun. The raging monster who kept his nine children under his authoritarian magnetism, with a blazing facade he kept them under his elliptical wings until the day his wrath stormed over every little planet and swallowed the whole solar system.

The nebula risen from the solar destruction, held in the remnant of the most glorious and thriving planet of the solar system – The Earth.

The cosmos wept, the stars lamented, the darkest of the energies stood still; it was the death of life itself, nevertheless the Omnipotent sowed the seed of life inside Mother Earth’s womb long before she knew.


1 billion years later,

Mewling, blazing cradled in the antique cot of the vast solar system, rose the prodigy amongst the nine other siblings. The heaven sighed and smiled, whispering in the cosmic breeze

“She is the nectar of life,

A splendor amidst the chaotic sight

Notice, notice- the similar smile

Isn’t she like her mother- Divine!

The glory, the spontaneity, the endurance, the felicity,

Oh! The similarity"


She was growing up gradually, molding into the ways of evolution, taking up her nurturing responsibilities, inculcating the innate motherhood inside her Anima mundi right from the brink of youth.

That is when the heaven conspired,

Brought forth the cryptic scrolls,

From the gates of the pacifier.

Whilst, epochs ago, the solar system was in a pyre

That is when the heaven conspired.

Rescued the fragments of the child’s parental memoirs

They gifted her an envelope at the dawn of the new hour.


Dear daughter,

It was when, the mellow breeze extolled

On my parched lap, I felt your soul.

My crumbling terrain, oh! My erupting skin

The fate of creation, I realized is, akin.


The end I know is embracing my wrinkled peel

The force that bound us is falling weak.

In this forlorn namby-pamby of survival instincts

I lay a tale, to reach you by words before I am extinct.


Born from the universal serendipity,

The exuberant timeline of life I cradled,

From blazing motes to membranous creatures

The whole garden of life thrived on me year after year.


Ornamenting my visage, the oceans painted me blue

Bursting to break the monotony, shades of green bloomed.

The enduring shades of brown cupped my roots

Oh! I was the splendid art hanging in the space, maroon.


The alchemy of sagacity, birthed the mighty beasts

The whimsical climate, made them adaptive,

The age of reptiles, the age of ice

The age of iron beamed to the age of light.


For men were chosen to reign and protect my skin

They started with devotion but ended with greed

The nature – my apprentice, was worshipped and cared

Time passed and she was dragged into manmade chaos.


Flourishing empires and land soaked in blood

The emerald meadows now, mere ditches of mud.

The complexity grew, the tranquility burned

This was the knell  to the dawn of pseudo intellectuals.


Slashed, razed, burned and rained

Inventions of genius minds, spread filth on my terrain

The power overshadowed, the longings of humanity

The survival of the fittest was the proven reality.


The blues of the ocean mangled with browns of development

The crisp chaste air was filled with poison

The green was abducted, snatched away from my lap

The sturdy brown soil, smothered by the mountains of trash.


I hung there in void, draped like a widow

The blooms of life I couldn’t bear anymore

The myriad remnants of a living past lay scattered on my skin

The fate of creation indeed was akin.


That was when the breeze blew.

The crumbling terrain, oh! My skin groaned

The wrath of the sun, every nine of us mourned.

But I could feel life had its own way to restore.


The time has come to gift you with my soul

A meager part, I saved from my own.

The infinite circle of life must be bestowed

Here- I pass you my crown for you to uncloak.


With my undying love,

Your mother,























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