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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra


Drama Comedy



Drama Comedy

A Distressed Lover

A Distressed Lover

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Come, let me introduce you to a great personality today. He is just a married person and a father of two young children. But being married does not mean the end of desire. His desires descended into the sea of ​​love. Lovemaking was his full-time job His mind always played as a slave to the Cupid. Well, I forgot to tell you about his personality.

He was amazing with his rotund belly, his triangular-shaped face with a mouth full of Paan Masala, as a result, his teeth were stained. He wore odd-looking specs of Adam’s era. He laughed in a way that would scare any villain. When he opened his mouth to talk, others lost the courage to face him. The parents covered his shortcomings by naming him Sunderlal. Being a government officer, life went off peacefully.

The fellow’s courage was also amazing. Even after getting beaten on several occasions, he did not miss any opportunity to misbehave with women. He had nurtured such mean thoughts that whenever a woman talked to her male colleagues, he used to scandalize her by adding their names to revile them. If any of his best friends had any female friends, he used to be jealous of them and did not forget to curse him in front of them. What a pity, none looked at him.

But the fate of Sundarlal also got reversed by the will of God. He was transferred to another office on promotion. He got a smart lady secretary, who was married and was like a butterfly. She had crossed 35 but presumed to be 21 and her actions were also like that. She was perfect in all respect. She was taller than Sunderlal with a long face and her upper teeth vying with the bottom teeth. She was looking beautiful and her name was Sapna. She had already shown to Sundarlal many dreams which had struck many a string of his mental guitar.

When he threw his net on her, she got trapped easily. She had to get trapped as there was not much work in the office. An empty mind is a devil’s workshop. Sunderlal entered this house. Now his feet were not even holding on the ground. For every function and conference, both of them used to go together. Sundarlal didn’t forget to tell friends that he had trapped her.

Sundarlal Ji was spending both his time and money on Sapna so that the fish should not slip off his hands and the fish was also drooling. Earlier so much importance was not given to her in the office. The friends of Sundarlal Ji tried their best to convince him saying “Brother this sort of lechery doesn’t suit your age,"

But Sunderlal Ji told his friends, 'Brother, don't worry about us, we are not novices. I have introduced Sapna and her husband to my wife. Due to our family meetings, my wife will not have any suspicion. She is deeply engrossed with Sapna and her husband Ramesh.”

Friends appreciated his intelligent brain and promised to adopt the same formula in their lives.

Now Sunderlal Ji's work was going perfectly well with ease. Sometimes he would go to Sapna's house with his wife, sometimes they would come. Now the pictures of their family meetings were also seen on Facebook. Our friend Sunderlal went on boasting about his intelligence among his friends “See how I have set both my wife and my lady love. A man must be like me.”

Accordingly, the Shatabdi Express of Sundarlal Ji’s life was moving fast. Now he became bold that his wife was no more an obstacle in his love. In the meantime, he had to go to the mountains in connection with an office conference. Sundarlal Ji was very happy that this time he would get a chance to spend the whole four days with Sapna. When he told his program to his wife, she said with great affection, "Listen, take me with you, as I have never gone to a mountain".

"Hey darling, I too wish the same. But when we will be busy at the conference you may be alone and get bored” Sundarlal Ji told his wife affectionately. In fact, he did not want to take this burden on himself. But his wife was also not ready to give up so easily. She counter proposed, “Hey you take Sapna’s husband Ramesh too”. When you two will be busy at the conference I can roam with Ramesh and we shall be all together in the evening. Now Sundarlal Ji agreed, “On this pretext, my wife and the lover both will be happy and I will have Sapna with me for the whole day”.

Sapna too became happy as her husband too agreed quickly. He had to accept it because Sundarlal had promised to meet his expenses. Well everyone reached the mountains. There was a conference during the day and a visit in the evening. The wife was looking happier than necessary and also kind. Sunderlal thought that life was set and everything was going smooth.

That day was the last day of the conference and Sundarlal Ji and Sapna returned back to the hotel soon. His wife and Ramesh had gone out somewhere. Both came into the room taking the keys from the reception. Sundarlal was excited about getting an opportunity. Then Sapna said, "Sir, please go and see where Madam and Ramesh have gone." I shall be fresh by then”. "Oh they will come and what will we do....... By the time he could say something, Sapna almost pushed him out of the room," Go away, Sir. Poor guy left out with a pulled down face in search of his wife.

A little further away was the park. On reaching there, what Sundarlal saw kept his eyes wide open and the ground under his feet caved in. His wife was in the arms of his lover’s husband Ramesh and both were in a romantic mood and that too openly in the park. He was astonished to see the sight. Somehow he came back from there and quietly went in and laid down.

The same evening his stomach ached and he returned to his city for treatment. For several days, he got treatment for this special pain, but the pain did not heal. He took the transfer at the behest of a grown-up, and then the pain was cured. Now the pain only increases when his wife takes the name of Sapna or Ramesh. God, who gave pain to a good man like Sundarlal, may give similar pain to all enemies.




© Archana Chaturvedi 

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