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A College Love Story

A College Love Story

4 mins

She was walking towards her seat when I first entered the class. I was unable to see her but her aura was already cleansing the negativity that was bubbling in the room. I heard her giggling, and that tune was enough for me to fall in love with her. A curiosity started bulging in my heart. I was growing impatient, I was hopping around to just have a glimpse of a girl who just mesmerized me just by her voice.

And there she was an epitome of beauty overlapped by cuteness. Small havoc of a kid who bolted my heart in an invisible magic land. Cute shining eyes that were dripping of innocence and when she was flicking her frail behind her ears, that gesture just encapsulated me in a world of hallucination where I’m sharing my life with her. And those bubbly cheeks, how can I forget them. Sweet bulgy cheeks with a magnetic clutch that not only pulls me but also ensures that she gets the attention of every person with a heart in that room. She was eating a chocolate bar with her over-sized bugs bunny teeth and her likeness for those sugar-coated bars was clearly visible from those shining eyes.

I felt the cupid arrow piercing my heart and enchanting me with just a single name. Whenever we love a song or the tune we ensure to play it in a loop. That’s the same thing I was doing but here it wasn’t a song ringing but a name being chanted by my soul. After hearing a song continuously you may get bored by the tune, but the more I chanted her name the more my heart started beating fast.

She is the reason whose presence ensured that my heart pumps enough blood that could oxidize my already polluted body by her thoughts. I could never forget my first stage of meeting with her. Irrespective of how much I try I am never been able to inscribe that day but let me try it more time.

She was baked in a white cardigan and a black jean sitting by the river end with her flock of hair kissing her cheeks just as the wind blew by her face. It seemed as if the sun was shy as it saw something that is brighter then itself and even the water in the river was hoping to kiss her half-drowned feet. The sun-kissed face was glowing more than anticipated and all the three elements of the earth have already submitted to the beauty who was giving them competition. I took a pic of her but how can explain to you that even the pic got defected as it was not able to capture the essence of the little beauty in front of me.

She looked at me and gave a smile that was enough to showcase her teeth that could eat a full-grown carrot as for me she is always a bunny. She waved at me and I retorted the same. She just saw me and called me to sit by her side. I just acknowledged. She was just gazing far into the river and was speaking about her obsessiveness for new dresses. But I was just lost in those beautiful eyes. Someone said it’s not the destiny but the journey that matters, and I feel I’m ready to travel to the ends of the earth and far into the oblivion if I have this beauty traveling with me.

Passing of notes just to talk to her, sending her jokes just to make her comfortable, dropping her at her place just to ensure that she is safe and making her eat just to ensure that is healthy. We may feel that these are small gestures but actually no expensive rings can compete with the love and care that drips from the attention you show to her. I realized this fact because I was one who was doing this just to make my heart comfortable but the day when she held her hand out and said she really liked me was the day I realized yes I did the right thing.

To be continued………………………………….

Chapter - 2

There were many assumptions of how she looks, who she could be, and most importantly why am I not revealing her identity. But as the great minds say “it’s not the destiny but the journey that matters”, therefore I’ll take you through the journey of describing her and seeing her through my eyes. It’s because everyone has their own view point but she is a beauty that should be understood rather than just admired. So rather than just naming her I would like to describe her.

Have you ever seen a running river, I guess you might have. That’s the way my princess laughs. A melodious sound that could be heard from miles away, calling us towards itself. When the river creates a waterfall we just get mesmerized and are glued to the scenic beauty. That’s how my darling looks. A scenic beauty with hair as golden as the setting sun, those golden locks of frail brushing through the wind and emancipating the drops of sweat that were glued to her face as even those droplets were not ready to leave her side. There is a thin line of difference between Secret goddess and Greek goddess and my princess was definitely standing on the edge of that line. It doesn’t matter which way she falls, she is still a goddess for my eternal life. There was a charm in her face that could not be captured in the most advanced camera because the elegance she bolted to her posture was just like wind gushing through the leaves, confident yet surreal. It’s said that the fate of the mountain is to make way for the running river, and the fate of my heart was to get flattened by the encapsulating eyes of this princess.

 Eyes….. awww those eyes….

Those perfectly shaped eyelids with curling lashes just long enough to cover her small yet beautiful eyes. She lifts her head just for a moment and those lovely eyelids gets deflected by the gaze that gets shot from those eye balls, she looks at me with her head tilted and just an eye looking at me. The eye whose boundary has been painted black with the eyeliner and those eye lashes brushed with mascara, combined have an effect that could kill a full grown man with love. She just looked at me with those captivating eyes which were peeping through her frail that were brushing through her fair yes blushing cheeks. Ever wandered on the streets during the spring morning? If yes then you could have heard the birds chirping and giving you a gush through of love, that’s what I felt when those looks touched me. It as a winter morning and I could still see the dew drops fighting and making their path to kiss her forehead. Those drops of dew that had the essence of nature’s sprinkled perfume and the shine of sun kissed rays were dancing through her forehead and were sliding through her cute little nose, a bridge between her eyes and her pink layered lips. For a second I thought that the drops just stayed on her lips as if they were kissing them. Even the drops of dew fell to the magic of the enchantress, a beauty who just did stole my soul along with my young yet bubbling heart.

The chin paved the way for the drops to fall on to her neck that had the design of a nozzle curved onto both sides that was clinging her head to her torso. There are many poets who described the beauty of a women but that second I felt they haven’t seen my princess as she is not a beauty to be described but a rose petal to be admired. I was envious of the drops running through her as they were kissing her way before me and the worst part was that I had to watch and endure this pain.

She sits few benches in front of me but I guess she knows that my eyes are always glued to her. I could just see her from behind but for me her presence is more than enough so I don’t care if I have all I could see was her hair left untied dangling on the back of the chair.


Entered our professor who used to make us sit according to our roll numbers and so taking our attendance as it is a nonsense customary which every college do, and then there she was answering to the name “                 “


A blank to be filled by your imagination.

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