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Sunil Kumar

Drama Horror


Sunil Kumar

Drama Horror

Suryamahal - A Horror Story

Suryamahal - A Horror Story

6 mins 349 6 mins 349

A story that has been revolving as a myth for the past century in the town of Sudarshangharh situated atop of the Aravalli hills near the foothills of Jaipur. This story is more like a research paper as it took me days just to venture around the place with many beliefs just forging themselves as the time passed.

Nahagarh fort a stupendous fort encapsulated in the dark yet beautiful forest area of Aravalli hills. It is an old folklore extravaganza as you will be just gazing at the sun dripping its last rays behind the fort pillars. The fort has been so beautifully built that you would be left astonished by the cravings on the pillars and the way the broad arch has been carved with the lions head sitting amidst the arch entry. If only the fort was not surrounded by all the horror stories I would have definitely selected as the fort as the 8th wonder of this planet. I suddenly feel like a novice trying to interpret the work of a master while explaining the scenic beauty of the fort. But as stated the long suspense story that no one is clear about is still revolving and no one is sure of what actually happened so I thought of revealing the real story but in vain. So I’ll try to tell you the story as much as I was able to deduce.


Built in the year 1918, but the then British leader ruling Jaipur captain Barack named this fort after his wife the Victoria Mahal. It was stated that Mrs Victoria died in this fort in her early 20’s and it’s her soul that haunts the fort. But it’s not the end here. My further investigation brought me to a point where I was assured that it wasn’t Victoria who was aiming to make feel people run away from this fort.

Wandering around in the city I came across a family which was descendent of the people working at the fort in the year 1960. That’s where I came to know the real story of the fort.

They claimed that Victoria had a natural death and also after her death the fort was still habitable then in the year 1931 the fort was bought by Captain Charles. He was known to be a womanizer. Young, rich, and a person with great influence. As India was under the rule of British so slavery was a custom for the people of and they were ready to work for a daily wage. Charles had 7 wives a fact which was accepted at that time.

Ouja the eldest wife of Charles died in the year 1958. Later he married Manaswini and Dharmini. They were sisters of Ouja and were very poor so Charles married them both after Ouja’s death. It was stated that Dharmini was the most beautiful of the three sisters. Charles used to spend most of his time with Dharmini. He was so captivated by her that he even renamed the fort as Suryamahal on her request. This increasing vibes towards Dharmini were also budding animosity between the sisters. Manaswini was to be the eldest of them but the bulk of love was totally been conjured towards Dharmini.

But Charles was unaware of this situation, he then asked Dharmini to accompany him to England for a holiday and this infused Manaswini more. Charles went for a week and then they returned only to see that their house was renovated in the most beautiful way he could imagine. And so Charles started living happily with his two wives. But this is when even the days started to indict the inhabitants. Charles was mostly out during the days and the wives were terrified because of the strange happenings at the house. Manaswini was the most affected, she started yelling and stated that she was seeing the spirit of her dead sister Ouja. But Charles didn’t pay much heed to this and dismantled the situation stating that she was alone in the house so she might be hallucinating. But the visual sightings started growing, let me tell you in the words of Manaswini.

A cold chilling air always being touching her which used to get her spine chill from inside out. She used to feel that someone was looking at her when she was doing the dishes. But as her husband said that she was hallucinating so she started thinking that it was true and there was no such thing. But the sightings started tormenting her in the next level. One day she was standing in the terrace trying to dry her clothes and she suddenly saw a white distorted figure of Ouja and this is when she was assured that it was indeed the spirit of Ouja haunting. And that night was the most symbolic one as that night changed the complete equation of this story.

Scratched body torn up clothes and dripping drops of blood from the face, A sight Charles visualised on that night and it was of his wife Dharmini. Yes his most beautiful wife was attacked. But she wasn’t just hurt, and this truth came into light after Charles tried to lift her up to take her to the hospital. Dharmini took Charles in her bloody hands and just threw him to the farthest corner of the room. She started yelling in Marathi. A language that was unknown to anyone in the house. She didn’t end here, knives were hurled towards Dharmini which she used to cut off her toe. The blood stains were like running water and she was sitting on the porch laughing out aloud. And suddenly she lost her conscious, this is when Charles ran to her with his shirt dripped in the stains of blood and sweat which dripped because of the fear engulfed due to the sight he just encountered.

But this didn’t end here. Dharmini was totally wrapped in a herd of bandage and was given a sedative to calm her down. They bought her home and left her to sleep. Charles stayed by her side to take care of her along with the house maid whereas his other wife was doing the house chores. But the night was still long and the days dream was still on the tip. At 8 in the night the dream of a horror story just got into real.

बरेच काही झाले आहे, जो कोणी हे पाहतो, माऊट पक्की हे उसकी

These were the words Dharmini started boggling just after she got conscious, and then she started murmuring while she was on her bed. Charles realized that she was possessed. But the question was why she was possessed as it was Manaswini how was seeing the spirit. But rather than debating on this question Charles started attending his wife. But he was unable to translate the wordings so he tapped the voice of her and that is from where I was able to find the complete story. But to be sorry or horrific it was this night that not only killed Charles but also assured that Dharmini ripped and cut her tongue out.

This is what she actually said

 बरेच काही झाले आहे, बर्‍याच स्त्रिया, जो कोणी हे पाहतो,माऊट पक्की हे उसकी, वास्तव शोधण्यासाठी, गडावर येऊन तळघरात बघा, रक्त पाहिले होते, मीड हाच दुवा होता, तो दियाबलाचा पिसाच होता, माझे मृत्यू हे थांबविण्याचे एक कारण आहे

The cassette was very well preserved and I got it after going through the stuff and the history of Surya Mahal. So after translating the wordings the complete story and the motive of the possession took a serious turn.


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