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Sunil Kumar



Sunil Kumar


My First Daughter

My First Daughter

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It's a four-letter syllable with three stabbed pronunciation binding two hearts into one soul... We have always been in a state of atrocity but still, have been diabolical at times. There are so many poems written on the subject of the unrequited love but so less on the one who is subjected to such pain... I've learned that it's not love on which the foundation of life is built but the decency of merciful lies..

This story thus enlightens on small havoc of a kid being transferred to my love.

Everything started on a Monday morning of the mid teachers day month.. I was wandering on the last seat of my bus which was jam-packed with all the new entries of our college...Suddenly I saw a pink bag loitering around for seat...

Black silky hair being kissed by the wind spamming in through the windows...and a soft voice cuddling through the noise...

There are many protagonists who debate on the matter of love on first sight but that moment made me join them...

I was juggling around to get a glimpse of her but in vain.

I plugged in my music player and enjoyed my journey to my college...

But still, there was a monotony speech perpetuating in my heart..

Some say connections are made in heaven. Is it real? Because for me, it's just the time that sets everything into place. For me, she is the reason I feel my day has started. I could still remember the cold winter breeze waking me up to the chirping of the birds as though they were working as the alarm n telling me that its time to meet her. The dew on each leaf turning to moist trying to wash my face n the fog clasping me in its chilling grasp assuring that I don't sleep again.

Just imagine a cold morning and you walking to the aisle near your bed so that you can reach the washroom at the end of the house and every footstep you take reminds you of the steps you are closing to meet her and every ticking of the clock hands instigating you the time before you meet her. I rushed up to my work and walked to the bus stop. And definitely, if you are coming from the house your mother won't let you be out without a sweater on a winter morning for sure so there was I all wrapped in a foot long cardigan waiting for her. But little did I know that the winter breeze will bring me a flower blowing towards me and that's what happened. She was a delight to the eyes in her white dress and even the sun rays were trying to escape through her dark black hair which was swiftly blowing with the wind. She was walking with a bag in her hand searching for something and her dress frisking through the smoggy pathway, She just didn't win my heart rather she assured that this hearts stays put for the rest of its lifetime beating and waiting for her.

I surrogate my life for someone's desire...

But when I saw her it made me feel acrimonious of my singular life..

She had my note so I was planning to retrieve it from her.

There she was like a blossoming flower just out of the bud. That cute face which can't be portrayed even by Picasso...

She was an art of exquisite beauty. Let me try to reinvent the day..

As the few drops were drenching through her forehead she lurked into the bus through the jam-packed doorway..

She was a beast of beauty. Sandalwood textured skin with a stupendous figure and small twinkling eyes that could personify any feeling even in the dead..

The joy that runs through the artillery when you hold a newborn baby was the same I felt in my veins..

She used to have files which used to kiss her cheeks and brittle through the wind and was like a small leaf pondering through the wind.. Every drop of dew that used to drip through her face was so lovely that it sent a monitory through my body as if Cupid had hit me with his blunt arrow.

"love never fades away", is it true? coz the thing I saw dominates and falsifies this statement. Let me tell you how it happened

I always remember the way she used to look at me. The salty sheds of water touching her eyelids when I was not around and the glossy lips stripped of their beauty when I was angry on her. she was just not some girl goofing around rather she became the girl I was enticed with and was deeply in love with. There were days when the warmth of her hug was more then the handmade blankets which my mother covered me with on winter nights and her kiss was more anesthetic then the beer I used to have on a cloudy evening.

She used to sit near me and hold my hand with her head leaning on my shoulder, I could see her eyes closed in comfort and her forelock was crowning her forehead. she was the most beautiful kid I have ever seen. the wind slowly kissing her and the suns dipping rays enlightening her golden skin which was shining like a star, but this star was close by to me, this star was the buzz of my beating heart. How can I forget those days when you used to say my shoulder was more comfortable for you then a fluffy pillow, how can I forget the way you used to hold my hands and say it was more comforting to you than your father's palm. then why did you leave me why did you betray me? why has the hand that held you being ripped off its own kin and why did you like a snake shed your own skin. the pain I endured couldn't be amplified in a page coz it needs a book to explain the tears that I shed.

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