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Sunil Kumar



Sunil Kumar


A Horror Story

A Horror Story

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This is a true story...

                               CHAPTER 1

Sometimes a cat jumping out of the shadows or the wind rustled the branches of a tree is also perceived as spirit or ghost. But this chapter is nothing of such misunderstanding. Every day of a month spent in a house counted for every drop of blood being drained from the body.

My family is well funded, with Dad being a Government employee and we have a long line of houses which we have rented to our tenants. But as people say God always gives you the worst to test you and then show a better path, but I doubt if this could be any worse.

Don’t know what hit, was it an evil eye that changed the course of our time or was it the ominous feeling of my mom that turned out to be true, suddenly my dad was bankrupt. He used to get the same salary but we were unable to cope up with the situation and it deteriorated to such level that we had to leave our own house and had to go to a rented house at the outskirts of the town as that is the place we were able to get good houses for cheap rates.

Little did we know at that time that we are going not as tenants but as targets to a place where we knew nothing about. I was excited as I was going to a new place where I could make new friends and also a new environment. We packed everything and then clubbed our way out of the town, I was riding in the truck that was taking our belongings, and all the way the one thing that crossed my mind was how I am going to make new friends and play my favorite game of basketball.

But as we were guests in a house which was already been inhabited by some warlocks we started experiencing symptoms from the very first day. It was the first nightfall in the house and my parents have already set the house into a habitable condition. We had dinner and then dozed off as we were already tired by the long travel. I along with my brother and my grandmother were sleeping in the same room and my sister and my parents were in a different room.

Suddenly my grandmother started talking in the sleep, she started babbling “sunny I’m tired I can’t come to play right now”. And then she woke up and screamed for which my dad came running in. My grandmother complained that I hit her hard as she was not coming to play with me, I was totally in sleep and when I woke coz of my dad waking me up, I told them I didn’t wake up the whole night to which my grandmother said I was trying to wake her up for the past half an hour. My dad scolded me and then we all went to bed.

The next day started and I and my siblings went to school, and my mother and grandmother stayed at the house and started doing the daily chores. And that was the time our house owners planned to pay my mom a visit. My mom was washing the clothes when she heard some footsteps in the house. She ran into the house thinking that it was me, but she didn’t find anyone. Later that day while cooking she felt someone standing behind her, she felt a cold breeze touching her hair and it sent a spine chilling fear from head to toe. My mom was totally terrified, and she ran out of the kitchen to our master bedroom. But she didn’t speak anything about this to us, as she felt it may be the new place that she is not compatible with. But then she realized that our house was exactly 1.2 km away from the graveyard and funeral ground of our town.

                                                                     CHAPTER 2

Was she daft or delusional? A question that always remained unanswered because the quest for the answer unlocked many new questions for my family. My mom stated these strange happenings to my dad, but my dad being that typical so men who don’t give much importance to such things stated that this is just some delusion, but my mom knew that something was wrong. I along with my siblings came back from school at 4 and then had something to eat and then went to have a game of basketball with the children around there. After the game, we started to have those old hustles where every kid used to sit together and talk some stories, and this is the time when the folklore about the house started circulating among us. The senior kids with whom I was playing started telling me new stories about how every family staying in the house which we currently inhabit stated that they were experiencing strange happenings in the house and that every family used to vacate after 1 month from the day of their coming to the house.

I told my mom about this to which my mom said that they are just trying to scare the kids around and that there is not much truth in this, but I guess somewhere she too felt that there is more to the story then what meets the eye. And then came the night which changed the whole dimension of our story. It was our 3rd night in the house, and there was a dead body been burnt at the graveyard near our house, my mom closed all windows and she didn’t want the ash to come into our house, but was it the ash she was afraid of or was it the evil dark spirit that she was unaware of?

That night we had egg curry but as we were having a full belly because of the snacks we had so most of our eggs were cooked but were just covered and kept in the refrigerator. My grandmother had a habit of waking up late at night for drinking water and then brushing her teeth with the red powder which we normally call as GUDAKHU or commonly known as Gul. Old age people used to brush it with this powder which contains some tobacco mixed in it. Little did she know that she was the center of attraction of our house, she continued to do the same, and that night ensured that she left this habit once and forever.

While brushing her teeth she saw someone sitting on our terrace and watching her, for a second she felt that it was my dad, so she called him and asked what he is doing at this time of night on the terrace to which she didn’t get any reply. Now you must all be wondering it surely is a spirit but the truth is it was really my dad sitting on the terrace as he was not getting any sleep. But that was not all, my grandmother then saw a strange figure lingering near my dad, but she had weak eyesight and also she was brushing tobacco so she thought it may be her misconception. But then what followed took the life out of her pale body.

She could see a person standing next to my dad looking at my grandmother and smiling, he was wearing a red shirt and an old fashioned dhoti which had black linen wrapped around. This man was having dark brown hair and he had his eyed fixed on my grandmother. He pointed a finger towards her and then called signaled her to come with him, or he will push my dad off the terrace. My grandmother started shouting and my dad came running down to her, and it is at this time that she pointed her finger towards the apparition, but there was no one out there. My dad asked my grandmother to stop using tobacco as it is doing more harm than anything else. But she was shivering from head to toe and was sweating right down her hair. 

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