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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maitri 14

Romance Crime Thriller


Maitri 14

Romance Crime Thriller

40 days or My whole life

40 days or My whole life

6 mins 381 6 mins 381

“Right now I am top of the 10 story building”,

Yes! you are right I am here to suicide,

So, before I die you want to listen my story? Ok fine I will tell you.

I am Erica a German girl who lives alone with my old fashioned Grandma. Back then, when I was 16 years old. I met the love of my life. His name was Jorg. He was just one year older than me. I still remember when we first time saw each other we immediately fall in love. At that time my grandma was not at home actually she went on a 40 days trip. So, slowly slowly we started talking with each other. I told him about my family that my parents died in a car accident since then I am living with my grandma. He consoled me and he told me about his family that his father and mother got separated when he was only 10 years old from then his mother never came to visit him and his father is Turkish so he lives in turkey.

He came here just for his studies. I felt bad for him but he told me that all the bad things which happened to him were his past. After listening to his words I felt so comfortable around him. Like this almost 20 days passed. One day I asked him to come over at my place for a night out. We both were excited. I was so confused that what should I wear and which perfume I should apply. But when he entered in my house a pleasant smell also entered with him which made me forget everything. That was my first time when I was spending a whole night with the person whom I love. After few days I took a pregnancy test and that was the first time when I got to know about my little baby “Almond”. I knew that it is dangerous for my health to give a birth to a child at this age but still I want to deliver because I really want to see my almond’s face. I decided to give a surprise to Jorg. One month passed so easily.

On 40th day we both were roaming on the streets holding each other’s hand. Suddenly my eyes got stuck on my grandma who was coming back. I got so scared and I told him to walk away from me. We both decided we will go from separate paths so that my grandma’s eyes will not catch us together.

Luckily I came home safely. I started hiding Jorg’s things. But I started getting suspicious when

2 hours passed,                                                

4 hours passed,

6 hours passed, neither my grandma nor Jorg had shown their faces. I went out and seen my old granny planting plants in the yard. I asked her that why she is planting plants at night she replied that she brought them from the trip if she won’t plant them now they will die. I also started helping her.

Days were passing but there was no news of Jorg. One day I had a strong verbal fight with my grandma and she threatened me that if I went out without her permission she will kill me. I also replied her that whatever she wants to do she can do, I am not afraid of her anymore. And I ran away from that house in search of My Honey. I filed a missing report for him but nobody Give a fuck about him not even police because he was a foreigner. I started living alone in an abandoned apartment. When I was 6 months pregnant. I suddenly started bleeding I don’t had a penny to visit a doctor after 1 day I stopped bleeding. Living in poverty for almost 1 year I decided to work in a general store. On my leave day I used to visit church in the hope of that one day god will surly help me. Almost after spending 3 years like this

One day I got a call from unknown number when I picked up the call I heard my grandma crying, apologizing and begging to me to come back home. After listening her voice I decided to pack my and Almond’s things and go back. When I went there I saw my grandma lying on bed she told me that she don’t think that she can live more so she basically wanted me to get married. I was speechless after thinking for a time I told her that I will get married to whoever she will told me to, because at that time I was thinking about Almond that how will he grow up without a father. Soon a young man was introduced to me we both met in a café. We decided to get married. Both of our family confirmed the wedding date.

That was one day before the wedding while cleaning the yard a servant found a human bone. I immediately called police. They searched whole yard and they found a skeleton under the plants which were bought by my grandma. I got Goosebumps all over my body. They send the skeleton in the forensic lab for its identification. They told me to not to get worried about it. They went back. But when I turned back I saw Jorg I was so happy that I even started crying but something was weird. He was wearing the same cloths that he was wearing when I saw him last time and he was also holding a baby who was looking like Almond. When I gone more closer to him he hugged me and thanked me for finally finding him. I got freeze for a minute. It felt like my whole world got destroyed in seconds. I started crying so badly. When I looked for my child the only thing I found was a doll. I was feeling like my heart was going to explode. And I got filled by anger when he pointed out his finger at grandma and told me that he is waiting for me and our child’s name is so pretty. After saying this he got vanished in the air.

A phone call came to me from a police station and they told me that the skeleton is of a boy named Jorg. Who died at the age of 17. I dropped my phone and directly went to that bitch’s room and asked her for the truth she told me at that day when we were roaming on the streets she saw us but she pretended that she didn’t seen us and later she send a man to kill Jorg on the way. That fucking murderer killed him so brutally and buried his body in our yard and she planted plants on him.

So, it’s the story of my life. Now I’ll take a leave from this world because this world is so cruel and my honey and Almond are my everything.


A Granddaughter suicide after making her ill grandma Dumb, Blind and Deaf with the help of an “Ice pick”.

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