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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Maitri 14

Drama Romance Fantasy


Maitri 14

Drama Romance Fantasy

Love Examination

Love Examination

8 mins 207 8 mins 207

Character sketch:-

✓Adrian Ortiz- He is an American actor but he is not so famous. He is also charming & handsome; currently he is busy in finding his true love. 

✓Harmony Johnson- She is born in India but she got adopted at the age of 15 by an American couple. So, she is living in America from past 8 years. Professionally she is a Doctor (G.S).

✓Brad lee Martin- He is a very popular British singer. He has been on #1 from past 3 years. He is cute and childish but from inside he is selfish & arrogant. 

✓Grayson Thomas- He is a doctor. He and harmony are close friends. He is soft hearted but he shows that he is not.

FiRsT LoVe

After getting her medical licence Harmony started working in a famous hospital. There she first time meet Grayson. He was her senior. Time passed and by the time they both became super good friends. They used to eat together, clubbing together and perform surgeries together. Everyone in the hospital knows that Dr. Thomas likes Dr. Johnson, but except one person 'Harmony'.

One 14th February Grayson asked her to be his girlfriend! She had only one option "yes". She said it. Their first month of relationship went smoothly. One day Brad lee got admitted in the same hospital where harmony uses to work. He had a leg fracture that's why he was there. From past 4 months Harmony was performing well so, hospital's directors decided to give Mr. Martin's case to her. 

When Brad lee first time saw Harmony he got so attracted to her because she was so beautiful and charming. She uses to come in his room everyday for his checkups. Every time he listens her voice his heart just starts fluttering. Now after recovering finally the discharge day came he was upset as well as happy. He was sad because he already knows that he is gonna miss her so much and it's obvious he was happy cause he was going back home.

Here Grayson was not giving her time because of his special surgeries. Harmony was so upset and lonely. It has been 4 days since brad lee got home. He was not able to concentrate on his singing and we all know the reason but still I'll tell you it's because of Harmony. He was not even able to sleep properly. At 12' O clock in night he called in hospital and asked for Harmony's contact information. He was so desperate to listen her voice but also he was too shy to call her.

SeConD LoVe

After practicing the points of "How to talk to your crush confidently". He finally called her at evening. He asks her very gently that if she will mind if he ask her for dinner. She replied in a cool way "No! Why would I? Even after I did your treatment. So, when are you going to take me for a dinner?" He answered with a smile "let's go on date tomorrow. Oops!! Sorry! On a dinner." He was so excite for tomorrow. Next morning he woke up with full energy. He prepared each & everything for her. He cooked, arranged the table, and ordered special wine for her. She came on a given address on time. She was shocked because of this much expensive arrangements. She was like is he a fool or something how anyone can spend this much of money only just for a thanks giving dinner? They both had perfect dinner. Now it was the time for her to leave. They both were drunk suddenly he tried to kiss her. She stopped him and she gave him a tight slap on his face. He became so red because of embarrassment. Then she left that place immediately.

Next day she woke up and remembered everything that what he did last night was hilarious. She immediately picked up her phone & called him. She apologizes for the last time. She asked him to meet at cafe because she wants to apologize him personally. They both were at cafe, she said sorry to him and also said that she is already in relationship so, let's not meet anymore. At that moment he was speechless and embarrassed. After that day they only see each other in photos. They are not even friends in any social media.

ThIrD LoVe

Few days after this incident she accidently meets her childhood friend Adrian. Who was here in her city for a shooting of a commercial advertisement. She was so happy after seeing her childhood friend. She said in a cute way "do you even know how much I missed you?" He replied you liar! If you really missed me then why didn't you called me?" she answered "ok ok! I'm sorry for not calling you but I really missed you". Then they both went to a restaurant. Their they both told each about recently what the f*ck was happening to them. She told him that Grayson is not even texting her. According to her if he keeps doing like this she might end up breaking up with him. He told her that he have been searching for a true love who can love him truly and purely. After spending almost about 3 hours at restaurant they went back.

Next day again he have to go at shoot. He was so excited to meet her again. They both meet each other and this time they exchanged each other's numbers. After the shoot he was so tired but still he asked her to go at a theme park with him. They both enjoyed a lot there he even took a nap on her shoulder while boating. That was so lovely moment for both of them. She asked him to sleep at her house because he was looking so exhausted, in this situation he shouldn't be driving at night it could be dangerous. He replied that what about her boyfriend? What if her boyfriend will mind it? She answered that he is not coming home from past 2 months so it's ok he can sleep at her place. Then they both went at her house she slept on sofa and he slept on her bed. Next morning he woke up there he was feeling so energetic. But she was looking sad. He asked her why? She replied that today she is going to break up with Grayson because she was really so lonely for a very long time and sacrificed so many things for him. She is so sick of this now. He hugged her and said I am always with you so don't feel alone from now on. Okay! They both smiled. In evening she broke up with Grayson. She was feeling like a bird who just got released from a golden cage.

TrUe LoVe

Harmony and Adrian were enjoying a lot. Day by day Adrian was getting popular so he was not allowed to go on a crowded place because he was getting so much attention of teenagers. His agency got to know about harmony that she is quite close to him. So, they asked her to come at the company. She went there. They told her to end each and every relationship with Adrian because it is better for both of them. His popularity is just started growing so please let it grow don't destroy his future. Harmony was shocked that because of her; his future could be destroyed. She immediately decided to go far away from him. She resigned from hospital, blocked his all contacts, she deactivated her all social media accounts.

Harmony went to a small village. She opened her small clinic there. She use to miss him daily but she also wants to see him as a successful actor.

Here Adrian was under so much pressure because of his agency. So many productions, Advertisement Company want him. His company was not even letting him out alone. He was following a very tight schedule. His phone was controlled by agency. He had no privacy.

*After 2 years*

Adrian was finally on a vacation. He asked from one of his friends to find about Harmony. 3 days later his friend told him that she is currently living in a small village and she had her own clinic. He was overjoyed to meet her. He took his car and went at her place. When first time she seen him she tried to be hard on him but she can't. She melts in his arms she was crying like a 6 years old kid. He asked her "why? What was her reason to leave him all alone/?" She answered to him "because your agency's director, he told me to get lost from your life if I wanna see you as a successfully person but after coming here I realized that it is so hard for me to live without you cause I really really LOVE YOU". He replied to her "you think it's only hard for you to live without me, it's also very hard for me to live without you. I was so lonely even though I had so many Fans. Cause no one can understand me better than you. I am incomplete without Harmony. You are my true love. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH BAE"

On conference he announced that he is getting married soon. Everyone was shocked. They asked him what about his fans. He replied to them "If they are really my fans they won't mind it. Because everyone have right to love in their life. I am very grateful that they loved me so much. Thank you" 

Later on Harmony and Adrian had 2 beautiful kids. They both are happy because his fans still love him like they use to do.

Moral: Everyone have right to love even If he/she is your celeb crush, school crush, ex bf/gf or best friend, because you can only love him you can't force them to love you back. 


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