Maitri 14

Drama Crime Thriller


Maitri 14

Drama Crime Thriller

Cold Drink

Cold Drink

6 mins


1. Mark- The Prey

2. Neel- Mark’s best friend

3. Risa- Mark’s Ex-girlfriend

4. Alice- Risa’s best friend

5. Tithi- Mark’s first Ex-girlfriend

6. Mr. Tripathi- The Detective

7. Ms. Rose- The class teacher of ‘11-A’

Character sketch:-

1. Mark- He is a play boy. He is famous in the whole school only for his looks. He uses to dump girls in every 15 days. He is a brat but no one from the teachers dares to scold him because he is Director’s son.

2. Neel- He is a Topper of the school. Everyone in the school use to call him ‘Newton’ instead of his name because he is good at physics. He and mark are childhood friends. They both are in same class ‘11-A’.

3. Risa- She is the cutest girl in the school. She is not good at studies. Mark dumped her 15 days ago, now she hates him. She is the student of ‘11-D’. 

4. Alice- She didn’t use to talk much with students. She is 2nd Topper of the school. From class 3rd Risa is her only friend, when they both came to high school their sections got separated but still they are best friends.

5. Tithi- She is an arrogant girl. She is only famous in school for her drawing. Mark dumped her 6 months ago but still she likes him.

Story begins……

Risa came running and crying towards Alice. She asked “Risa! What happened? Why are you crying?” Risa replied “How could he do this to me?”. Alice asked in anger “Who?”. Then Risa said (crying)“M….m…Mark!! yesterday he dumped me, How can he came into a relationship with lily?”. Alice asked “Now, what do you want to do ?”. Risa replied “Revenge!!”.

After 1 week……

The Winter Carnival is going to start in 10 days. Risa and Alice both are excited. They joined a Band of 5 girls. Coincidentally the third girl was Tithi. She knows about Risa, but Risa didn’t know Tithi.

On the 5th day of Practice, suddenly Tithi came to Risa and asked her “do you know Mark?”. Risa got shocked but after 2 seconds she replies “yes!! He was mine ex- boyfriend”. Then Tithi again asked “do you know who I am?”. Again Risa replied (innocently) “yes, you are my senior”. Tithi said (rudely) “I am also Mark’s ex- girlfriend”. Risa changed the topic and said “see, she (pointing her finger toward Alice) is mine best friend!”. Alice asked (shockingly) “Do you know each other?”. Risa and Tithi said (with fake smile) “yes!”. {Bell rings, they all went to home}.

On the way……..

On the way to home Risa told every thing which Tithi told her today to Alice. Next day they three said “hello!” to each other and the whole day they did gossip. Soon the Winter Carnival came they performed very well. Now they three became good friends. They use to meet each other at lunch time in the canteen. One day Tithi suddenly said “you know why people call me arrogant bitch?”. They both asked (curiously) “why??”. She replied “because after I got dumped by Mark. I didn’t accepted anyone’s proposal yet. Maybe I still like him”. {Bell rings and lunch break got over} They three went to their classroom quietly.

After 1 month…….

After 1 month, In the canteen. Alice suddenly called Tithi to come towards her, at that time Tithi was buying cold drink. She moved towards Alice with her cold drink. Alice said (weirdly) “You didn’t gave me your birthday treat, Now I want your cold drink”. Tithi gave her cold drink to Alice with a smile.

After taking that cold drink, she went to Neel and said “Neel!! will you please give this cold drink to Mark. This is given by Tithi with her love”. Neel replied “OK!!”. Then again she said “wait! If Mark don’t accept It, then just throw it or give it back to me”. Neel replied “ok…! anything else??”. She replied (nervously) “no!!”.

Real Revenge……..

Neel went to his classroom. He gave that cold drink to Mark and said “It is given by Tithi with her love”. Mark got blushed and he drink that cold drink in a few seconds. After 5 minutes Mark fell down on the ground and a soapy substance started coming out from his mouth, whole class got frightened by this incident. The doctor came rushing towards Mark but he died on his way to the hospital.

Half an hour before…….

Half an hour before Mark’s Death. After taking that cold drink from Tithi, Alice didn’t gone directly to Neel. At first, she went to the girl’s toilet where Risa was hidden. She added ‘POISON’ in that cold drink and then Alice went to Neel.

Next day after Mark’s death………

Next day Ms. Rose came to her class. She said (sadness on her face) “Let’s pray for 2 minutes for Mark. He is no more!”. After 2 minutes Ms. Rose said “children now investigation will be going to start, so please answer the questions honestly to the Detective {pointing towards Mr. Tripathi}”. Then they both came out from the classroom. Mr. Tripathi asked to Ms. Rose “which type of student he was?”. She gave her epic reply to Mr. Tripathi “He was a womanizer!!”. After listing this reply he went into the classroom. He asked questions from each and every student of the class. He took Neel to his Office. There he asked “why you give that poisonous cold drink to your best friend?”.

He replied “Alice gave it to me and she said that it was given by Tithi”. Mr. Tripathi asked him “who is Tithi and Alice? What is their relation to Mark?”. He replied “Alice is 2nd Topper of this school and I don’t think that she had ever talked to him after coming in High school. Tithi is an arrogant girl and Mark’s First girlfriend in this high school”. Then Mr. Tripathi let him go. The next day he called Alice to his office. When she went there he told her to give his questions answer honestly. He asked “Tell me the truth!”. Alice started crying and replied “Ti…Ti….Tithi told me to give that cold drink to mark but I was unable to find Mark, so I gave it to Neel. I really don’t know that there is a poison in it” {Again she started crying}. He said “OK! You can leave know”. She went out wiping her tears and she gave an evil smile to Tithi. {after an hour} Detective came out and arrested Tithi. She was screaming again & again that she didn’t killed Mark!!.

 Mr. Tripathi came in the school hall and said “just now we checked the CCTV camera and there we seen that Tithi was giving cold drink to Alice with an evil smile.

******The end******


Reality explained by author……

I know you all are thinking that why? Alice took Risa’s revenge. The answer is real friend never put his/her loyal friend in trouble. Alice knows that if Risa’s name came in this matter everyone’s eye will be on her because she is the recent girlfriend of Mark.

Let me tell you a secret Alice made this plan when Risa came crying to Alice on her second day of break up. She told her plan to Risa on the way home. They really never became Tithi’s friend. They were just using her.

Now, I hope you all know the reason why Alice said Neel to throw or give that cold drink back to her If mark refuse to accept it.

I know you all are feeling said for Tithi. Me too!!


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