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Your Maiden Awaits

Your Maiden Awaits

2 mins 138 2 mins 138

Stronger grows the desire to meet you, 

Far, very far you stay.

It has been months since I bid you adieu, 

Still you are far away.

The sea calls you,

Soon you will be long gone.

The girl you loved will wait for you, 

Her heart will sing unsung songs.

All alone you set out to sail,

Your heart quavers to move apart.

You yearn to return and narrate the tales,

I feel woeful when you depart.

With hope and lots of love, greetings I say,

You look at me when I wave my hand.

My eyes are glued to yours as you sail away,

My prayers remain as you go to a far away land.

I lose the sight of your ship, 

You have sailed along the sea. 

May you return soon from this trip,

For restlessly but patiently waits she.

Her heart carries your name, 

Her mind bears your memories.

She wonders that you feel the same, 

She wants the distance to cease.

He recollected the thoughts, 

When they were together. 

Her smile, her talks,

Comforted him in cold weather.

Distance tests the strength of their love,

Apart from each other they stayed.

Her heart sang

'Come home soon my sailor

Your maiden awaits'

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