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Distant Lights

Distant Lights

2 mins 187 2 mins 187

The lights surround me, 

They twinkle like tiny stars. 

Darkness finds a way, 

Amidst the brightest paths.

Picturesque the night is, 

Into gloominess, it falls. 

They are glitter to my eyes,

That gleams like distant stars.

The light dims and shines, 

Airbrushed the tiny particles are. 

Sparkles they are of a dark night, 

Far, yet near than the stars.

There is something about the distant lights,

That captures my attention.

They make me miss the person I love,

Distance- I fear, is the cause of our separation.

Admiring the nature and the distant lights

Makes me miss you more.

I wish I could end the distance

So that we could watch the radiance along.

I want you too along the scene, 

So that you complete my view. 

Stand under the cloudy sky

And watch the distant stars with me.

Make the lights shine bright with your presence

Fill my heart with your love to the core. 

Light up the sky with me, come along

Let's not worry about the distance anymore.

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