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Sweating foreheads realise no destination to run,

Those who could chant freedom have been spared to live beyond generous howls,

No world could be more tolerant that the one exist here,

After all they do realise they are on mercy of such tenant growls.

Hard breathing realises, no world is more painful then this,

Those who would chant existence have been forestalled by those silent prowls,

No world could be more planned to destroy than this one,

After all silent voices realise they are mercy of those political growls.

Nobody seems to rectify the mistakes they did before,

Now they curse the precursors of the foundation stone,

Growls of menace by the opposite religions not spare their ears,

Their massacres without fear are the best laid foundation stone.

Nobody seems to complaint the loss they regularly suffer,

Now they curse the legends of the liberty call,

Growls of horror from the opposite banks spare them on rears,

Their hunting continues to force upon by capable for 'purity call'.

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