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Growing up in a country like India

It had its own drawbacks,

Even though it's famous for its rich heritage,

A few things are making it grow in a cage.

A cage made of boundaries and rules and blind stereotypes,

A cage causing women to loose their prides.

The male chauvinism is growing like mad,

And the ones suffering is the women tribes.

You raise your hand on her,

You beat her like shit,

But I won't blame you,

Because it is a country where 'boys don't cry'. Though I disagree with this fact,

For I have seen my brothers and friends cry.

The men who think they are the superior ones,

Don't know the power of a women's rage.

A women can make you

Or break you,

But she always goes for option one,

Because all her life she was taught to love.

Be it in bed or outside,

You can't control her desires and her drives,

It's her decisions to live her life the way she wants,

And you can't go controlling her with your male egos.

It's easy to slap her in front of your people,

According to you, you are just teaching her a lesson.

But how about she gives you one back,

A tight slap which will make you stumble back,

A tight slap which will teach you to never touch a women in a hard way again,

And a tight slap which will teach your soul to behave like a man and not to just call yourself one.

I wish all other women out there

Had this much strength,

Because all you need right now is,

To stand for yourself.

I was never a fan of feminism,

And I'll never be one,

But I don't support those,

Who call women their belonging.

We need to change,

For the good of the society.

We need to love the women race,

Which is delicate but destructive.

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