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Where Faith Lead

Where Faith Lead

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With faith they can

Confidence is crucial

Never think the race

Mother and child

Always like sky and moon

No noise...No voice

No commands...No reminds

Only mutual concern

While in the better and

Intellectual communication

The beauty of relation

A tiny with mighty

May be at glance

Might be for a snap

Getting ovation

Horns with sharp ends here

Mother's affectionate hands

Unique hug ever seen

Cow and coward

Baby at the best one's lap

Allowing the moral

Accepting nature's good-face

May change attitudes

In nature a few wilds

Warn rather harm

Some warn and harm

Most of the them neither

Pets shower friendship

Domestics extend service

Let them live like thee

Mind them as nature's gifts

Show your elderly loyalty

Reflect humble kingly among

Rather supremacy in nature

Where you are one among

Ever possible mortal,

Never immortal in creator's

Dynasty existed since the beginning

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