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Iron Man Of India

Iron Man Of India

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No doubt to say, friends!

He is IRON MAN of India

He tried and succeeded

Brought all regions into....

       "One umbrella"

Basically lawyer but not a liar

Aggressive but Gandhian

Opposed Nehru's liberalism

Supposed unity in Diversity

       "Said unite India"

Negotiations are peaceful

His actions are very forceful

Integrating around 562 princely-

States under the Indian Dominion

 "Lead one India movement"

Hyderabad or Junaghad

Kashmir or any other region

He visited and requested

Join INDIA and be in INDIA

    "Made great INDIA"

Freedom fighter before


Accepted neither British rule

Nor INDIAN princely rulers

 "Roared for Democracy"

Just missed PM post

But kissed HM duties

No words to say "patel"

You are real hero in this era

 "Unite among Indians"

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