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Street Children - Great Creation

Street Children - Great Creation

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Of course, we have no money

Poor among the poorest

We too need entertainments

At'least' we also human beings

Sky is upon our heads

Soil is under our feet

Heart it at our right place

That's why we are jubilant

Brains working very sharp

Trains training to move fast

Nothing to worry we are here

We do wonders with no cost

Earth is our grand-mother

Sky is our grandfather

Nature is our dear friend

We had nothing to request

Creator giving us so many tasks

Let us answer to his questions

Whether it is rough soil or gold

Not as scoundrels we do the true job

Play with smoothy Clay

Run with a little lamb

Sit like a monkey on the tree

Fly like bird in the sky-high

Don't disturb us we are happy

Land cooperating us heartily

Air giving us it's best forever

Thought provoking us the best

No need to ask we are local

We are public school children

say tittle Slum area millionaires

Happiest children on the earth

Come sit along with slum children

We could give a memorable life

Spend at least some time with us

Creator may learn something here

........ Gifted children......

  *Rocking kingly makings*

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