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Teacher Is A Social Doctor

Teacher Is A Social Doctor

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The behavior you show

The way you teach

The system you adopt

The nature you treat

The knowledge you share

The love you shower

The affection you bestow

The dress code you follow

The message you pass

The method you address

The Faith you assure

The care you take

The career you build

The body language you have

The smile that bloom

The sincere work you do

The patience you maintain

The discipline you project

The emoticon you control

The path of life you lead

The habbit you example

The manner you preach

The thought you plant

The spirit you continue

The future you promise

The truth you say

The route you choose

The policy you suggest

The happy you feel

The satisfaction you express

The friendship heart

The word you mind

The relation you opt

The reseach you conduct

The reform you want

Decides your live portrait

If positive... Admirable...adoptable

Makes you

The world's best Teacher

Wishing you all Happy Teacher's Day

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