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Nothing Could Make This Better

Nothing Could Make This Better

3 mins

You two meet at a cafe.

She smiles as she serves you coffee.

You’re too stunned to smile back.

She strikes up a conversation, You hesitate.

In a moment, you’re talking about each of your elaborate tastes.

You ask her out, can’t afford to let the moment escape.

“Drop me home, will ya?” she says.

As you walk beside her on that lonely damp street.

As she talks about her, you and everything in between.

Nothing could make this better.

You wake up in her arms.

“Can’t believe it’s been 2 months” she whispers with a familiar charm.

You talk about ambition, you talk about your dreams.

She talks about the future, “There is no future without you, it seems”

Every song reminds you of her,

Every thought seems to have a root related to her.

You brush it off, thinking it’s just lust.

But the way you fantasize about her eyes,

Assure you that it’s love.

You confess it to her, she doesn’t seem surprised.

From long kisses, to making love.

From awkward hugs, to laughing it up.

Nothing could make this better.

You meet every day, talk about the usual stuff.

She talks about a guy in work who sends her funny stuff.

You wish to bury your fist down his throat.

You look at her, She’s the one keeping you afloat.

You spend nights drinking wine, conversations seems empty at times.

As silence seeps in, you try and console your mind.

This is normal, These things happen sometimes.

“We have a future together” she says as she looks into your eyes.

You’re in love.

Nothing could make this better.

Pretty often, you guys fight.

Sometimes its neutral, sometimes it’s hard seeing the light.

She talks about her friend more often than usual. She thinks about him all the time.

You go for runs, try to clear your mind.

You see a lady, She kinda looks nice.

She catches you looking at her, She gives a smile.

You brush it off; you already have a future wife.

You try hard, you make amends.

You apologize, You never condemn.

You give her space, You give her time.

“Is she still mine?” Somehow this thought seeps into your mind.

The world seems to crumble, right before your eyes.

Through the cloudy days, you struggle to see the light.

Could anything make this better?

Nothing comes to mind.

“It’s over” she says with a cold hearted smile.

“Its me, not you” I try to mock her for the last time.

The strings were loose, it was time to let go.

The thoughts of her, would make you feel low.

You drink.

You cry.

You sigh.

You’d do anything to make things alright.

You mess around.

Lose yourself this time.

You look for help,

Only to find it inside.

If nothing could make this better,

You’ll try being nothing for a while.

You go for runs, not hoping you’d see that lady another time.

But she’s there, Slender with a beautiful style.

She remembers you, that awkward guy from last time.

She approaches you, “Need help running?” she asks with a smile.

You finish tying your laces, “Yeah, I need directions. Or a destination would be fine?”

“Drop me home, will ya?” she says mocking your gasping voice.

You talk about ambition, you talk about your lives.

You talk about random stuff, about how every individual can’t resist the flow of time.

She’s geeky.

She’s smart.

“Not my type” you try to convince your heart.

You look at her, you can’t help but smile.

You seem amazed.

A tad bit surprised.

It’s been a while since you caught yourself thinking.

Thinking that,

“Nothing could make this better.”

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