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Marriage And Its Relevance

Marriage And Its Relevance

3 mins

Marriage - An Institution survived for 1000s of years

But lost its sheen and glamour and fragrance over the years

Some may champion for the cause and need of marriage

But can they explain the rapidly deteriorating trust and value

World is witnessing an unbelievably high and bizarre divorce rate

When a divorce occurs in the same day or a week after marriage

Putting a question mark not only on those life-term pledges

But also on the need of such a wasteful expenditure with zero results.

Some get psychological shock, depression or trauma if they don't marry

Despite knowing the futility and horrific scary stories of marital cacophony

Some go to real jail for the life term in search of life long happiness

Some go to virtual jail for rest of life burning with no alternate options

Marriage has become a dirty affair, an unfortunate necessity of late

Whole idea is amusing, childish, without any true meaning or significance

But hello humans, will you still vouch for it, and for how long?

Continue such broken relationships despite their destabilizing and diminishing returns?

When will you accept this as an absolutely failed and obsolete idea?

Ordinary persons marry:

To get assurance of security

To increase the species or race

To follow religious and moral commands

To find happiness and peace

To complete a milestone goal just like car, furniture, house

To fulfill a human exploratory need of a reel life dream spouse

To satisfy the financial hunger or need or bring success or power

To experience the illusion of that shallow human love

To satisfy the carnal animalistic desire of sexual pleasure

To justify the act from religious scriptures

To give mindless untold pain and suffering under a cover of lust

To stop someone engaged from choosing a destructive path

To succumb to the unending social pressure or blackmail

To produce an ideal family and become a role model to all

Even a spiritually awakened person marry:

For family, social, security, emotional reasons

But a True marriage is only:

To fulfill the Divine or Supreme Will or Duty

To discover the God present within or without

To live consciously where Divine is the only Center

When God is the Only Goal 24x7, and nothing else

You both find Supreme in every circumstance:

From the lowest depths to the highest heights

When you give importance to Divine Love not Human love

Where there is no greediness, harmful lust and desire, selfishness, and ego

A union without considering the birth, country, education or environment

With unconditional love for the Divine as the lasting union's secret

True Marriage is only:

To seek refuge only in the Divine and not in the humans

To seek to satisfy all your needs from the Divine alone

To be simply happy in all circumstances of life

To consider everyone as independent soul in this timeless journey

To accept some souls as way behind because of ignorance or darkness

To accept some souls as much advanced and enlightened for the Supreme

To believe each other and move ahead in this gifted life

To live in complete illumination of knowledge of the Divine

To consult the inner guide to show the right path at right time

To communicate through silence with Divine not by egoistic chaos

To chant the only mantra always: Peace, Peace and Peace

To offer oneself every moment for the Divine work alone

To widen one's consciousness and live with the universal love.

To perform above goals, a Marriage also not at all necessary

All can be done outside the social and moral periphery

Because True Marriage is not the Marriage with Humans.

It is the Timeless Marriage with Eternity, Supreme, and the Divine

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