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Waqif : Aware Of

Waqif : Aware Of

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There used to be a time when my heart

Was as dependent as an infant.

Every time my pulse rate fluctuated

It would gather them all around

The arteries the veins and the nerves,

And it would ask for remedies,

For solutions, for relief.

Then one day, just like that,

My heart stopped summoning them all

The arteries the veins and the nerves.

Just like that it stopped seeking help.

I can recall there were moments

When my eyes were alert like those of a panther

They would catch

Even the slightest impression of your shadow,

And preserve that glimpse as it is,

Untouched, unfazed, unaltered.

Then suddenly, just like that

My eyes grew tolerant of your absence,

And lost their art of preserving sights

Just like that, my eyes stopped craving you.

I have memories of the time when

My hands were addicted to your touch

They would feel the warmth

Of your hands

Even when you would leave for another city

And seek solace out of it.

Then out of nowhere, just like that

My hands grew an affinity for cold

And forgot how your warmth felt,

And consequently stopped needing it.

Maybe my heart,my eyes, my hands

The whole of me

Became aware of the fact

That the solace, the warmth, the comfort

Was all in my head and never in your actions.

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