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Nahid Belal

Drama Tragedy Others


Nahid Belal

Drama Tragedy Others

Things Unsaid

Things Unsaid

2 mins 23 2 mins 23

Brother, I am waiting for you to return

On this auspicious day.

I have the thread of love in my hands

Wanting to tie it around your wrist,

But you are nowhere to be seen.

I am sorry for all the times I have hurt you.

I am sorry for all the times I made life tough for you.

I know I do not deserve a brother like you,

But I want to mend the broken ties we had.

Please give me another chance.

Dawn has turned to dusk,

And I am still waiting near the threshold.

Are you that angry with me?

Don't I deserve your love anymore?

Tears do not stop flowing down my eyes,

And regret surrounds me like dark clouds.

If only I have been good for you...

If only... I have stopped you...

Oh, Brother! Please return.

The bonding thread in my hands threatens to slip away!

I find myself unable to look at the setting sun.

Oh, what do I see?

Is it an illusion?

Or hallucination?

Is that you, my brother?

My tears fail my eyes...

Come near... Sit by my side...

Oh! My brother!

No. You are someone else!

Who are you?

Where is my brother?

Dead? What? How can it be?


My heartbeat got fast and then slower and slower.

My eyes are getting closed and

I am losing control.

I want to keep hold of the thread but it's slipping away.

I cannot stop it...

You are gone and so will I... Soon.

There is only darkness around

And no source of light.

I am sorry, bother... I am sorry...

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