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The Wait

The Wait

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Silence speaks a thousand words...

"Have a look at the sky,

There are those bluebirds.

Those we both used to like

And dreamt of seeing every day,

From our home which we never made

Because we lost 'us' to a 'fight' overblown,

Which we could not overcome."

She said.

He became silent,

And so did she,

To make him realize,

That she was not free...

To cater to

All that he had to displace at her!

An easy target for him,

She had become.

She was in pain,

And so she too left,

In silence.

Years later,

She realized

That the silence within her

Had become her words.

She would write her heart out,

To break the silence!

And the words would flow...

Wielding a glow

To her memories

That she wasn't able to erase

From her heart.

And then she hoped and prayed,

for a miracle when

She heard a voice,


And woke up from her dream.

He said " I ..." and she interrupted,

Not letting him speak.

Then she went up to the door,

Sleepy, when the doorbell rang.

He had come back!

And the silence broke.

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