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Shikha Mishra

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Shikha Mishra

Inspirational Others

The Talk

The Talk

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Self believe has the magic to illuminate even the darkest path

Then, Why we give up so easily on ourselves and start doubting

Instead, why don't we listen to that inner voice of ourselves

That says, 'You have it in you, Go ahead.

Just don't worry even if there are hurdles in your path 

You shall eventually find your destination.

We spare so much time in networking and finding friends to pour our hearts out.

But how about we sometimes sit down and listen to ourselves for a change.

Tell ourselves, it's okay if things are not going as per your plan, but it would eventually be.

Everything best that has been planned for you, you'll encounter that in your journey.

So what if you did not succeed on the first attempt, don't let that stop you from trying again.

Self-love is the most important, learning of life learn to love and accept yourself. 

Even before you love someone else because remember an empty vessel can't pour.

You are unique in your way, don't chase perfection

Instead, learn to enjoy the gifts you have been blessed with.

This might not be your time, but the moment of your life shall arrive

Good thing happens to those who believe in it and never lose hope

You may think you are not strong enough to face the challenges of life. 

But Life knows you are a fighter and, it just wants to introduce you to your strengths.

Face them all with a smile, and see even before you realise it shall disappear from your life soon.

Don't forget to remind yourself of all the blessings of your life.

Be grateful for all those wonderful gifts life has showered you with.

Reaching the destination is important, but enjoying the journey is also the purpose of Life.

Just keep moving in the right direction.

Even if you think you lost your path, you might end up discovering a new path for someone else.

Today may not be yours, but Tomorrow shall be 

And it shall be yours if you are with yourself in this journey

Whenever you feel you need the boost to continue your journey

Be your best friend and have "The Talk".

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