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So What?

So What?

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So what, life didn’t happen earlier?

Isn’t pain and agony another season of life?

Won’t the sun shine, after the darkest storm?

O’ ye life, inundate me in all your colors;

Don’t shy away , be it roses or thorns.

So deeper, would not vanish;like ashes with earth,

Nor cease with my last breath!

So what, if your love remain unfulfilled?

Aren’t the sky and ocean never meant to be together?

Does it makes their love, lesser than your imagination?

Both extend boundless, diverge Till infinity!

Does success of love lies only in unison,

Or, is it not that freedom and power,when you are standing all alone?

So what, there were fewer reasons to be happy?

So what, life gifted you more tears than blossoms of happiness?

Aren’t blooms and fruits, bore after heavy showers ?

Dear those tears! are not to be shed away for nothing,

Make your boats , or wash away your weakness or just enjoy the drizzle

Like you dance, in the first shower of the season.

If you believe you have failed, you have not!

You fought as warrior, took every blow and scar,

For if , those minute moments of bliss are not enough:

O’ thou brave heart, you know how to find bliss even in pain!

Beyond limited breathes, countable moments,

You know that you have lived more than life.

What if life hasn’t been long and fair to you?

For some, even an entire life seems short ,

And some , live an entire life in just a moment!

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