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Minati Rath

Drama Inspirational


Minati Rath

Drama Inspirational

She Always Had To Be Right...

She Always Had To Be Right...

1 min

She did not get bored

To wish a good morning

To all the forty kids,

One by one, they wished her once

And forty times she did.

No irritation nor resentment

Was found on her face,

Her smile was rather more prominent

For she had just finished the race.

She had a race against time

To complete the routine chores,

Challenge accepted, task completed

And left no door closed.

The budding talents and curious minds

Had long waited for her,

She was prepared with perfect plans

To add feathers some more.

Not just ideas or information

She imparted them knowledge

She enriched them with values precious

And opened the doors of courage.

They shared their thoughts and elation

And added to her words,

Together with her, they got wings

To fly like free birds.

Yes, she was a teacher in the virtual class

Who always had to be right,

For it was not the same classroom

Where often students did fight.

She was being judged for every move, 

for every word and action

The forty brains, the eighty eyes

And some critics to the addition,

Yet she had to be responsible

And act within the norms.

She had to decide her priority

And feel everyone's need,

The student's mind, the parent's demands

And the hungry stomachs to feed.

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