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Ricardo Castelo



Ricardo Castelo


Self Control

Self Control

2 mins

Oh, well,

It rang, the bell.

My pride was too much to sell,

So I turned it into honesty

What if people don't take my modesty?

What I said remains the truth.

Everyone who left me in my youth

Is coming back with a smile on their faces.

And it's not because of new laces and traces of love,


It's because they remember this love

I gave them all once.

I am a very caring person, you always told me,

It just takes a lot of time to unfold me.

All of my poems are charms.

I built them in my farms of words.

In the borders of my mind,

I pointed out a small poem for someone special

The words were not so referential

But you know to whom I wrote one of those.

I get too attached too fast,

But I will make this love last.

It's no secret that my past

Is hitting too close to home,

But I can only think of her and me and the foam in her hair.

Thinking about sex wouldn't be fair,

So where you put the laces and her beautiful hips,

I put her mind and personality on which I take sips.

You see, this woman is smart like me.

She's determined and independent, nothing like thee.

We have distance between us,

But I have my car and I can drive 55 miles on my own

And I can tell you that her heart I never own,

But the filters on my characters are gaining transparency.

This is not a change, it's an emergency.

Rhylo, Felix and all the mildly impulsive characters

Are popping back on my charters.

The deviations become zero and the quarters that divide me and them

Are gone like ink under the eraser, I took care of them.

My name is not Rhylo.

My name is not Kadri.

My name is not Felix.

My name is not Rick.

My name is not Eden.

My name is not Wilym.

My name is only Ric,

It's as softer as a flick

On my long wasted lighter.

I am no longer a whiner,

I'm a fighter

I take the brighter side of life,

One day I'm low but soon alright,

Because I know how to deal with my sadness.

I learned to channel my anger,

My jealousy is now on the hanger,

So I sang her a song about love and glory.

She's not mine but I reached a victory.

Because it's not about conquering someone's role,

It's about conquering your self-control.

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