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Rescue Letter

Rescue Letter

2 mins 110 2 mins 110

He is in good hands

And so are you

I told you I wouldn't allow anyone to hurt you as I did

And I won't

But what I didn't say

Was that I want you to find better

I will always help you find the better

As for me?

Imma tries to make us.

Imma let that man sit and see

Because if I can't be with the girl I wish to try to be with

Neither will he, with his manners, not even a bit

I know what I did

I know how I can be, too attached

But you know what I learned with the past?

Do you know what my dad told me in the time at last?

"Relationships are to meet people better"

And I believe the latter

I truly do. So here's what Imma do:

Imma let you do you, Imma stay around to help in everything

But meanwhile, I will be working on anything

I will be making my way to a certain place every time

Reminding me of an old time

I will revive Felix Nort in my heart

For a bit more strength to pull the stones apart

And let my legs depart

To craft a love I must attempt to create

I will not bait, I will not bail.

Fast as a horse or slow as a snail

I will try to meet what that woman can be

And maybe in some months, you'll see

Me, happy as I'll ever be.

So, for once in my life, I do not care for what's to take part

I really not bother what faith is upon my heart

I wanna fill a void I must make lively

I am with the most confidence of her maybe like me, believe me

And she's not like one of those stupid women that only want money

She has beaten me in a lot of ways and she'll keep doing it

But I am sure and I'm proving it

That the only reason, I'm not at her level

Is because she's on a pedestal

And I'm on the mud surrounded by hounds

So can you hear the sounds of the carriage?

The horses are coming for me.

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