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My world's all dark.

My needs are part of something bigger.

I pull the trigger for the warnings,

People have no idea what I've been through.

I don't trust anyone around me, do you?

Feels like there's honesty,

I am far from my modesty.

I put on Adryan's mask to be strong,

I push the wrong buttons,

There's nothing one can do.

It's a fact, I like your company,

But so it is that soon I don't need you.

I put on you my sympathy,

I'm sorry if I'm too much of a need

Aye, I'm sick.

A wicked part of me loves to play with your body,

I slick my own soul in two,

I shatter in many like split.

Tweaking what I changed,

Leaking all I've earned.

I don't wanna get you bothered,

Don't wanna become a burden.

I left my Eden for everyone,

Now feed me something I do trust.

I rust inside like I have a parasite.

Or maybe I'm just it myself,

Wealth I pursue maybe is from exploration.

My heart's in discoloration,

I am black as the night,

White-eyed like the moon.

I am a wolf, I will plead to bite soon.

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