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Ride Of Distopia

Ride Of Distopia

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Morning, Angel.

I've been chatting to Mangle,

Running with sonic,

Asking the electronics

What the heck has my sim been doing?

In my head are a whim and cat off the road, 

Twinkling stars and a damned load.

A load of guns, everyone runs,

All them buns swinging at the music.

See? They killed all the kids at school,

But all rappers are partying at the pool.

I'm not a fool, at least I think.

I know exactly what I am,

If you tell me you're God, Sam,

Maybe you should feel 200 volts through your skin.

We're not immortal,

All the money on your mortal ass,

It doesn't really make you rich.

I have been called Rich for all my life,

Never taking a wife,

I am broke, I almost choked

On my bills.

They took the wheels off my bike,

Told me to ride it regardless,

I have never much, always less.

After I was ready to drive,

They took every joy from me.

See, I'll be that good someday,

I'll turn it over some way,

They'll all see why I deserved the wheels.

The squeals on my skin tell me time's almost up.

So, tell me what's on your mind, wassup?

I have no other options,

I am betting my entire life on luck.

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