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I requested one final meeting with the diplomat

I am taking his chronicles and his format

I am taking back what's his

And I am making these feelings and happiness be mine again

For you do not need his services no more

It is me who needs his scored values on my table

On the label of the carriage is the name of the Nort's Family

On the final breaths of his voice, he breathes to me

All the life and things I had given him will be

With me, so I can be great again and be happy like you want me to be

I know Felix mattered a lot to you, I can see that

But I want you to understand that, it is either him or me

So to set you free

I choose me so that he can become myself and I can become himself.

And all the power, all the wealth

All the inspiration and all the health

I will heal my scars with his soft skin

I will grow my hair with his brighter brown

I will fill my dresser with long jackets now

And I will be Rich, more than rich

I will be the man who gave life to the gentleman

To have him earn the value and return

So that my heart can burn hot again

Light the flame and let the sand fall through the hourglass

Time is there to pass

Where the king will rise once more

I will reach the sky as before.

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