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Felix Nort

Felix Nort

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Just some more time, old friend

Your jacket fits me so well.

I wish I could change us two,

But I'm as jealous as you,

And this is not your precious grounds.

Your memory ain't gonna save us here,

I ask you to hold your breath for a bit longer.

She's not like your wanted angel,

Welcome to the real world.

Things have never been so hard.

I'll let my hair grow to your haircut,

Maybe I'll look better, but

Focus, old friend, we have one last job together.

I need you now more than ever,

Let me use your precious words as the lever,

The ones that bring beautiful things,

You know how my inspirations sink.

Between all the winks and the pretty smiles,

I thought Rhylo could help me out,

But you know I trusted you my life,

It's time we get along for a while.

So today you're in my head,

Today you're the one that lays at night in my bed.

We shift close and apart, we're one and not two,

The things you used to do,

Now they're my past and my present,

My demons are haunted by your presence,

Stay with me, friend. 

I promise I will do good with your hands,

I promise I will write better than all your chronicles.

The effect is astonishing,

Only I can handle two twins on my brain.

The product is insane, I am in control,

I am brilliant and I can breathe.

Maybe it's only a feeling I am with,

But I know exactly what I did.

I packed his existence on my skull,

My body is half Felix, half dull.

I have confidence, I need my suit,

Just take my body for a moment,

We can make amends.

You can take my legs to her,

You can tell her how I feel,

Pour all your soul over mine,

It's like I press rewind.

Your essence returns to the source,

It's a revitalizing force,

Better than believing in myself,

I am becoming myself.

One by one, I retrieve my relics,

And you are first, Felix.

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