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Music Box

Music Box

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To my family:

It's never been easier to write.

I bite my tongue and hold my breath.

I try to hold on to what's left.

I rallied the troops and recked

The train that was running after me.

But now there's no pressure,

There's nothing to reassure

That I will work like I must.

As such, I've been constructing a new locomotive.

I built it safer for one motive.

It's so it won't be my wreck.

If you ask me what the heck I'm doing,

I will say I'm trying to study,

While I keep my love life sturdy

In order to find the only one thing 

I need in life to keep the fight.

Tryna do what's right is never easy,

But I try to stay breezy, 

Light-headed and chill.

The book and quill is just my confidant,

As I hope to become a referent

With all the things I wrote.

I am devoted, though I need peace of mind.

The music box is ticking for rewind,

And I must keep winding and winding.

If I let it slip over one second too long,

The monster inside jumps

And my goosebumps will say it's too late,

Everything will have gone too wrong.

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