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Oh, today, I'm so distant.

Close to the chords,

Away from the vision.

Know your location,

Your indifference is my affliction.

It's my jealousy on the way,

The way I do things today.

Cause of one stupid jest,

I drink three beers.

I can only imagine my words on your ears,

I left my fears.

I don't know love anymore,

I attach my soul too easily.

But I promise if you give me a chance,

Maybe we can dance,

Maybe I'll change for the better.

Cause honestly I've felt so Eden-like,

I have no strength for you, I lost the fight.

I swear, woman, I wanna make things right.

I don't know when I will face mistakes again,

The pain is spread for us,

Please take the chance upon us.

Cause I know it's naive,

But please believe, I can be good.

Maybe things would be different,

If we had gotten closer already.

Can't tell you I'm ready,

But it's proven, I cannot live alone.

I need someone, I need you.

I don't wanna talk to anyone,

I'm feeling like drowning in my zone,

I never felt so low,

But, girl, I can make space for thou.

It's easy to get me at the moment,

I'm lost in between the moment.

I don't know love anymore,

But give me a bit more,

I promise I can be like before.

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