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Manaswini Dash



Manaswini Dash




1 min

It's time to accept change

Despite my unwillingness and reluctancy

As I have become a burden for all

For my family, parents and society

Because I have crossed the age of marriage

Nobody wants to have my presence 

But I want to do something exceptional

I want to feel independent life

I want to give a luxurious life to my parents

But my independent feeling are intolerable to society

As people have never witnessed any change in their life

So they never want I should progress

All have exploited my patience and never left any stone unturned to blot my image

I know I can't make them mute

And convince them marriage is not the greatest achievement of life

I am prepared to digest all unseen challenges of life

Nothing can be a bigger risk than my will power

But I frequently get hurt recognising my parents conception as I am a burden

I express my grief viewing the glittering stars in the sky

Make the screaming of my inner heart silent by embracing cold wind

Assuage the pain of social wound by congregating the silence of night

I never show my tears to all

As the society is prepared to humiliate me

I don't expect help from the socially evil souls

I am alone in the battlefield of Independence and proving myself as a treasure, not a burden.

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