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Manoj GS

Abstract Drama Tragedy


Manoj GS

Abstract Drama Tragedy



1 min

One man thought he was the mightiest

Until another put him down at the slightest

He then thought he can live for eternity

Living for 14 days today is the holy trinity

In this game played by the God

Life is full of uncertainty

4 months into this madness a period of trial

Financially devastated, can give rise to a criminal

A disease affecting the mind more than the body

Mask on the face without any grace, giving rise to a rhapsody

Publicly distancing and avoiding all physical contact

Continuously washing one's hands, even when not dirty

This is what psychiatrists have termed, as the OCD!!!

All the native medicines are now in demand

Long discarded when foreigners set foot on our land

Hypocrite he is, man has thrown caution to the air,

Fear of being hospitalized has sent some to their lair

Thanks to technology and google

He can self medicate besides just ogle

Government’s expertise is in looting money

All their actions to contain this situation is phony

Will man learn anything from this Covid-19?

Not in the next 1000 years and counting

His genes are to be formatted again and again

Which is what these Viruses are trying to gain,

Millions of years and its efforts are in vain

Man is becoming fitter and surviving every reign

Explicitly quoting Darwin, who left us to train.

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