A Woman To Empower

A Woman To Empower

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The subject of equal rights is taboeed,

In a state where women are statued.

A ray of hope which we suffice on,

Where sons are favoured when a girl is born.

O' people of my nation, what your conscience dictates?

We escape from reality but love to imitate.

The real of us are flocks of sheep,

When we kill a girl in her sleep.

When a rationalist asks,

Is this your task?

They claim that their lives is like an empty flask.

We raise a girl with enormous pain,

A liability she is, born in vain.

No one seems happy and no one rejoice,

When a girl is born with The Creator's choice.

But we humans are as smart as we 'are',

To kill His choice without any bar.

Then God will look with pity on us,

Thinking there is no point left to discuss.

And surely He'll make us suffer in the hereafter,

For our sins unless we find a woman to empower.

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