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An Autumn Of Life...

An Autumn Of Life...

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This is the autumn, an autumn of life

O, this world - why is it so full of strife?

The fall as it is so called,

Starts with the shredding of leaves,

But there are so many of us who are mauled,

With our leaders being worse than thieves!

Man's world is constantly at war,

Even Gaia, must be rueing at our creation,

People from every religion want to soar,

But end up creating just more aggrevation!

Autumn is the season of primary harvest,

With people celebrating the bounty of nature,

But man himself has become a pest,

Constantly driving our environment deeper into danger..

With the onset of autumn, the summer comes to an end,

The days become shorter, our souls are rend.

Decades have passed but man continues to murder man,

Without any lull in the fight, no respite,

Innocents die, none the wiser to the massacre,

Is it too much to hope for - at the end of the tunnel, a glimmer of light?

O, my fellow man, cast aside your prejudice,

Accept one, accept all, let go of every vice,

We have much to learn from this autumn,

shall we all vow to maintain just a little decorum???

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