Orphan's Vent

Orphan's Vent

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Some face the real world at a tender age,

Reality hits you hard right when you enter the stage.

No one's there to hold you when you fall,

Gotta stand by yourself and take life's toll.

Deprived of love, you seek it everywhere,

Fall for someone, who shows a little care.

You are stronger because you had no choice,

No one was there to hear your voice.

Or deals teach you things which experience can't,

You're matured early enough to take a stand.

Exposed to the dark side so early,

Who's all fake, you can see through clearly.

Deprived of company, love and affection,

A craving heart that has always had dejection.

Shine shows when you smile,

Pure soul, far too fragile.

You know what it's like to long,

You've had enough of so called wrong.

You keep questioning why it was you,

Why didn't you get what seems rightful too.

No one around to wipe off the tears,

And explain when loved, why heart fears.

You wake up stronger the following day,

You're wiser, nicer everyone would say.

A heart so pure, a soul so pristine,

Caring and honest in the world of mean.

You'll get what you rightfully deserve,

It's alright if you like being reserved.

But don't seclude yourself from people,

Being alone may well prove to be lethal.

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